Add invoicing option to Harmony wallet

There are 10’s of millions of businesses, adding invoicing option to the Harmony wallet would allow business a very simple way to accept One as payment, and make it simple for mass adoption of people to pay with One.

In short there could be an option to invoice people, the person receiving the invoice has the option to pay using One or any other currency.
If using One then it’s transferred from the receiver of the invoice to the senders. If using other currency it’s transferred the traditional way.

I assume adding Apple Pay to the wallet with include POS for businesses. If not then this would also be an excellent option.

I have several wallets on my phone, Apple wallet that stores credit / debit card, flight tickets, plus other purchased ticket items, then I have a store card wallet that stores all my business reward store cards. One wallet that has everything in it with the ability to invoice would be an amazing wallet.

On my several visits to China businesses have a QR code WeChat or Alipay, when buying from the seller the buyer scans the QR code then send the amount of money to the seller, sellers phone then shows payment received all in a couple of seconds.

Bitcoin Diamond wallet has a shop in it where you can buy things using BCD, expanding the Harmony wallet to include the option for businesses to sell their items, or private sellers to sell would also add a lot of incentive for mass adoption of the wallet.

Personally I think the wallet is the door to mass adoption, adding features to the wallet increases the reason for people to use that wallet. All wallet that bridges all chains and all business will be king. A wallets for 10 Billion people.

I know I have waffled on a bit, the more a wallet offers the better it is. WeChat is a wallet and social media platform, and shopfront. Once on WeChat you don’t need to leave the app, you can chat with friends, buy shopping, order taxi, pay bills etc.