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Hi All,

It was great meeting Li Jiang and the team from Harmony this past Thursday. I am with NKN (New Kind of Network), a blockchain powered communication network located here in San Mateo. I have both a Business and Engineering background with roles at companies such as Motorola and Nokia.

Looking forward to connecting more with the community!



Hey Allen,

Harmony has been thrilled to meet the NKN team. We appreciate your insights on your experience running your testnet and growing the community. Please come by more often and I hope that we can collaborate with you guys in the future. As always, you’re welcome to the BBQ any time – just give us a heads up.

By the way, you should join our discord!



Welcome Allen. One question I would like to ask for NKN is, if you allow node runners to run the node in their home network, how did you get around the ip port and address within the NAT gateway usually in home network. Will you require users to change their setting in router or what?

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Hi Leo, While we do support UPnP, most home routers/gateways either don’t support it or it doesn’t work correctly. Therefore, in most cases you need to open ports (30001-3) on your home gateway for NKN to function correctly at home. You can find the details in our Github Readme ( Thanks!