Andy Freeman Introduction


I help startups understand investors. (I’ve watched around 1k pitches with investors and talked with them about those pitches. I also started and ran , a feedback-from-investors event, for a couple of years.)

Recently I’ve helped a couple of startups with their founder’s stock distribution. (If you do this wrong, you’ll end up paying far more in taxes and give your advisors tax problems. The longer you put off fixing this, the worse things are.)

I’m an information collector. I save lots of web-pages and pdfs about product management, investing, and technology - I stopped counting at 7,500 because 10k sounds obsessive. I’m trying to figure out how to make my pile of documents more useful to me and others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I spend some time in sales and/or marketing.


welcome Andy! you bring interesting and hard questions to the people. Maybe we should run an “AMA” with you. :smiley:


I’m doing an AMA about startups and angel fundraising at on January 15.