Community DAO Council Candidate: Bricktop_One

I’m officially entering a nomination for a seat on the Harmony Protocol Community DAO for the Initial council, for the term of 3 months.

Why you should vote for me?

Honestly… You should not… Well, at least not because I tell you to. You see the thing is, we all have an extremely important decision to make which is bigger than any one of us. The Harmony Protocol Community DAO’s Initial council will play a vital role in shaping the roles and protocols for the council that follows. The thing with a decentralized autonomous organization is that the foundations on which you build for it are the most important as it sets a president for how it will operate in the future. This is something I do not take lightly.

Then who should you vote for?

Well, that is the tricky part… This can only be decided by yourself, but I would advise that you read every candidate’s nomination and carefully decide who you believe should be responsible for shaping the community DAO’s future. The work that’s done over the course of 3 months of the initial council will determine the boundaries of the persistent council. The initial council will determine the responsibilities of this council, how the DAO interacts with its community members, how proposals are put forward and voted on, and in turn, more importantly, decides how Harmony Protocol grows as a project now and in the future.

Why I am entering a nomination?

I have been asking myself this question since I decided to enter. Openly and honestly, it makes me nervous because of the gravity of the role, as I am writing this; my stomach’s filled with butterflies. But that’s okay, I believe if you aren’t skeptical about your abilities when faced with extreme responsibility then you’re not taking it seriously enough. However, I have worked for and alongside some of the biggest companies in the world, which include Amazon, major communications and electronics companies in which I have managed teams of all sizes, taken on small and large international projects and campaigns. But this time it’s different, If I was successful, I wouldn’t have a boss to answer to, I wouldn’t just have to answer to my team, I would have to answer to and be responsible for the decisions of hundreds of thousands of investors and believers of the Harmony project. I would be responsible for shaping the future of Harmony protocol. I’m entering because I believe I can help execute this role, I’m entering because I won’t rest until the job is complete, I’m entering because I believe I can be a great asset the council. Through creativity and forward-thinking. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker, I don’t just think about the now, I think about the possibilities for the future. Much like the Harmony developers, you do not aim to build something incredible to last a day, you aim to build for something that will outlive yourselves. As poetic as this may seem, Harmony will be here long after we are gone, and this to me is truly beautiful, and to be a small part of this would be one of my greatest honors, something of which I could be proud of for the rest of my life.

But who is Bricktop?

Well, my real name is Jonathan, I’m 33 years old, I’m English and have a beautiful and crazy Spanish Partner called Renee along with two sons. You may know me as ‘That guy that made the Harmony video on from twitter’, The truth is, I’m the person that gets a little over passionate and can be rather outspoken much to people’s annoyance. I do apologize for this, I guess Harmony already means so much to me; I can’t help but be opinionated sometimes.
This time it is different, the initial council should not be based just on my opinion, it should be based on the communities, it should honestly be based on you. I do not believe that the council members should be the only people responsible for the decisions. I believe the initial council should be responsible for channeling the community’s opinions, you guessed it, that means over the 3 months, there will be voting. There will be decisions that need to be made, but there will be times when council members disagree, and that’s when we should be turning to the community for their council and help.

The decisions in which we make today will change the course of our futures. The decisions which we make today will shape the lives of billions of people in the future. If you truly believe in Harmony Protocol and already see its unfathomable potential, then you will understand why it’s so important that you take your ability to vote extremely seriously.

I give you my word, if I am chosen to be part of this council, I will put my heart and soul into my responsibilities for all of you, and everyone that follows in our footsteps.

I will be available if you should have any questions. You can reach me on Twitter with the handle @Bricktop_ONE


Ever since joining the Harmony community I have always noticed the comments you’ve shared and the efforts you’ve put into this project. Whenever I hear on any youtube video commenting on how great the Harmony Community is, you’re definitely one of the people that comes to mind. Your genuine passion and excitement for this project is contagious and you certainly deserve a spot in the council. I’m a firm believer that if you’re passionate about something, and I mean truly passionate like you are with this project, then naturally you will excel at it. Good luck to you sir, and may my vote help you secure your seat in the coucil.