Community Outreach Idea: Comic/Trading Card/Video Game Shop Meetups


Validator TillyONE – SFO here!

I wanted to float an idea to this awesome DAO. Sam mentioned the need to find ways to reach out and get awareness on the first Twitter spaces.

If this was already considered or mentioned, my apologies.

What came to mind is local comic / trading / used video game / hobby shops. Due to COVID, small businesses are hurting. They are used to having new trading cards or comic series funding a “game night” or “meet up night”.

Reasons why I think this should be considered:

  • International (for the most part): Comic shops are not just a US/Canada/Mexico/UK etc. “thing”. The regional DAOs could even utilize their local shops.

  • Small businesses like this would appreciate the funding to put an event on: Big arenas, conference centers are good, but initial out-reach should be more targeted. COVID has hurt the mom-and-pop business around the world. If the demand from the initial meetings grows, then bigger venues should be used.

  • Generally garners tech, web, gaming, tangible trading (NFTs?!?) audiences: I’ve attended a couple of meet-ups growing up at comic shops. While I didn’t get into comics much, trading cards was my thing, the overall tech audience was always present. If it’s not just tech, gamers, and trading (NFTs really come to mind here) is also a major vibe at these types of businesses. IMO Harmony in the gaming & NFT areas is a major plus, I think it shines the most supporting these types of products/solutions. It would be an awesome match.

  • Give away merchandise or the event’s theme can easily be suggested by the business: They are already used to having a game night or trading fairs to promote sales. This community DAO or even local DAOs can get some great ideas instead of having to think up the entire even themselves.

  • No need to promote/advertise as much: The audience going to these types of shops is a great match to Harmony IMO. No need to run marketing to try and entice people to come. The shops already have a base of customers checking out what is new already.

  • On-going communication with attendees: Again, people who attend will generally be the shop’s customers. If someone had a question after the fact, it can easily flow back to the shop’s owner & then the original event coordinator.

  • Setup the shop to give out Harmony for giveaways, then users can pay in Harmony for the comic book, video game, trading card. This would really be awesome. You now have the business that is putting on the event accept the coin too. The commerce part can be proven there and then at the event! I won $25 in Harmony, the used game I want is $45, I get help buying $20 more in Harmony ONE, then pay the total. Use cases can be discussed and seen!

Again, if someone already suggested this, please let me know. I didn’t get a ton of time searching on the forum, Twitter, telegram, etc.

Please let me know your thoughts. I would be willing to try and see if it’s doable in my area (Northern California, USA). I could see if 3-4 hours on a Saturday at a local shop can be achieved. Call it a test run. I will need someone from the community to really sit me down and make sure I am knowledgeable enough. I wouldn’t want to speak about Harmony and give the wrong impression.

Twitter @TillyONENetwork


Great suggestion! I (harmonious dude) have some ideas about how to put a plan such as this into action. I’ll be discussing this with the other governors. I think it might be useful to construct a guide, or format, that would assist in education during these types of events. We would love to see more in person events bringing Harmony community members together to spread the word of what this amazing protocol brings to the table.