Fish, Horses and other Animals

The tile is from a book of a professor about creative ecosystems that i worked with

Let me leave you with 2 statements

1) Zenon Paradox

You start going to the supermarket to get some milk but you will always walk half of the remaining distant. The remaining half distance is infinite, yet you do get your milk and make your coffee

2) Math’s Fundamental Flaw

Just watch this you don’t need a degree in Maths if you are here (Harmony ) you are Half way there

Start a conversation below or elsewhere about anything like DAO, ZPK RPC, LPd Dex, dApps etc and try and incorporate an element of the above.
Than have a coffee if it get too match

Knowledge is Freedom. Never stop learning

In a fair ecosystem not only we acknowledge our luck we also creates a Reputation voting based on experience & expertise

I have to remind my self how lucky I am that I joined Harmony despite that I am occasionally getting p!$$ off when people do not read what I am writing or asking me questions to the points I present.

Don’t be shy comment, write and share your ecosystem knowledge and how lucky you are being here at Harmony.