Formation of StrongMindsHold DAO

Name of Project / DAO / Company

StrongMindsHold DAO

Application type

DAO Formation

Proposal overview

StrongMindsHold is an independent validator on the Harmony Blockchain.

This application is to officially create the StrongMindsHold DAO.

The DAO formation is an integral part of the overall vision for the StrongMindsHold ecosystem, in addition to the realization of true governance via Snapshot and community (delegators) driven initiatives.

What stage is the StrongMindsHold DAO at?

1- Mandates established: READY

Growth : Foster growth of the overall vision for a functioning governed ecosystem through robust marketing. Utilize several incentivized projects to drive adoption

Entrust : Provide delegators the ability through Snapshot to provide direction on official voting on HIP proposals. Empower delegators to shape the course of the StrongMindsHold ecosystem concerning future initiatives/projects.

Expand : Take the brand StrongMindsHold from a validator to a functioning ecosystem operating within the Harmony space. Develop initiatives to bring projects to Harmony for all holders.

These mandates identify the purpose of the StrongMindsHold DAO and provide the necessary framework to facilitate the evolution from validator to ecosystem.

2-Multisig Wallet: READY


3- Governance platform for proposals: READY

4- StrongMindsHold Snapshot for governance proposal voting : READY

5- Initial 9 Governors : READY

Tim — StrongMindsHold validator

Climb Crypto— Youtuber

GlobeyNFT — Community Manager

Harmony Universe — Universe site (Harmony ecosystem) project manager

Bricktop — StrongMindsHold Community member

Easy Node — Programmer/Easy Node owner

Vera — Dev

YeahX1000 — StrongMindsHold Community member

Sid — StrongMindsHold Community member

6- Tracking task and hours : READY

What are our milestones?

1- Enable governance voting for all delegators

2- Media blitz campaign showcasing the formation of DAO/governance realization/initiatives

3- Create StrongMindsHold website/socials


1- Create Snapshot space for governance available to delegators only

2- Continue working with dev to finalize pending first project

3- Create content explaining roadmap and vision

4- Weekly meetings to ensure timeline is being adhered to

5- Create social media teams with delegator ambassadors

6- Create website and socials

How much funding do we need?**

Currently none, TBD at a later time

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Hello @StrongMindsHold

What a great proposal. I officially grant your request for $0 in funding and I look forward to seeing what you build!

In all honesty, great job, Tim and team. I do look forward to seeing this project flourish and if there is anything we in the Core can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sam Harrison
Harmony | Ecosystem Growth


Thanks so much Sam! We are excited to see where this journey will take us!


Congratulations Tim! This is the beginning of something great! The best thing about Harmony is the team, leaders, and community behind it! Truly the best that ONE could ask for :blue_heart:

Much :blue_heart:for all of you!!!


Super happy to announce Vera as the dev on the DAO!


great team SMH! I’ll be supporting this for the long run…