Harmony Developer DAO: Introduction

Harmony Developer DAO: Introduction

On October 9 2021 the voting for the first governors of the Developer DAO had been concluded. We thank all candidates of the council and all participants, that voted in this election.

In this post, we will:

  1. provide you a short overview of the outcome of the election
  2. the elected council members.
  3. give an overview of the mandates of the developer DAO
  4. share the DAO’s multisig wallet
  5. share all the official accounts we created

1. The outcome of the election

119 wallets took part in the election over a period of one week. Voters could choose between 12 candidates, voting for up to 9 candidates. Results can be seen below or at snapshot:

2. Elected Governors

The elected governors are:

  • Michael Otis
  • Aaron Krueger
  • Kruger Dunn
  • Sev
  • Bruno Marshall
  • ChaoticBeauty
  • Edd Norris
  • Ivo
  • John Whitton

3. Overview of the DAO’s mandates

The Developer DAO has a Builders First approach. We are focusing on the developer community of the Harmony ecosystem. By working on the following topics:

  1. Support: resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
  2. Bounties: prioritize bugs & features w/ task management & contributor retention
  3. Advocacy: hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs

The mandates of the Developer DAO are described here in more detail:
Developer DAO: mandates & deliverables

How these tasks will be tackled by the DevDAO will be explored and discussed in the upcoming days and weeks. So far we are focusing on establishing a strong foundation of the DAO by setting up all necessary tools and accounts for the DAO to function properly.

4. Multisig Wallet

A multisig wallet was created for the DAO with the contract address:

We request Harmony foundation to fund the above wallet for the team to start work

5. Accounts

Twitter: @harmony_dev_dao
Gitbook: Harmony Developer DAO - Harmony Developer DAO
Forum: @harmony_dev_dao

A special thank you to Giv and Jack, that helped our initial Dev Captions to follow the right path.
Thank you all

Harmony Dev DAO 1-term Council


Harmony Developer DAO - Update to @giv @lij,
our multisig wallet is full functional, please fund the wallet address stated above, with $50K.
thank you