Harmony Fussball - on-chain fussball game [declined - appears devs have abaonded project]

Hi, I’m Anthony. I got hinted to requesting a launch grants and got redirected to this forum. I would like for people to join my Discord and get to know me and my ideas.

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Harmony Fussball

Application type

Launch grant

Proposal overview

Harmony Fussball is a completely on-chain community driven fussball ecosystem. The hosting, domain and reward system are entirely decentralized and independent of its owner. Together with the blessing of the original creator of GitHub - nuno-faria/pixelfoosball: An arcade foosball (table football) game I am closing in on finishing an on-chain version of this game.

The ingame players are NFT tokens that will be bought by the user, with these NFT tokens a user can set up a team to initiate ranked and unranked games. The games are hosted by the chain, which means there will be a lobbying system as well as a private direct versus mode. NFT tokens are bought with $BALL.

The game has an in-game wallet where the player deposits $BALL tokens to. $BALL tokens represent the ball, the initial game settings determine how many tokens each ball will cost. The in-game wallet is always emtpy when not playing, upon initiating the game you sign a transaction to the in-game wallet to deposit the needed $BALL tokens - any transaction after that is signed by the game itself, removing the need to manually sign every transaction. Every games score is saved on the chain during the game, websockets connected to an IPFS node synchronize the multiplayer games and constant checking eliminates cheating, since all games are played on a users clientside. When irregularity occurs the game will be automatically halted and the opposed player will automatically be assigned as winner, no matter the current status of the match.

Proposal ask


• $10K after launching on Harmony testnet.
• $10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig.
• $10K after launching on Harmony mainnet with audit.
• $10K after 1K daily active users.
• $10K after 10k daily active users.

Metrics for success

4-5k DAU within 5 months (gradually gaining approx 1k DAU a month).
20k TWITTER followers within 5 months.
40k DISCORD users within 5 months.

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Another Harmony rug - server gone, funds pulled (20/05/22)

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

EDITED: See message below please

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lol, didnt you read above? this project rugged 2 hours ago @jbeltran


Confirmed, dude funded project through Kucoin (allegedly was a KYC’d acct) and went through the motion of filing a grant all to pull the liquidity within 24 hrs. Very common trend and I hope that we can work together as a community to warn our userbase ahead of them losing their assets.

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Here is the creator wallet of $BALL exiting with the liquidity

This doesn’t seem reasonable to rug so early. How much could you possibly make in a scam that lasts a day or two?

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3.74 ETH minus the initial liquidity that was added to the coin

Thank you for pointing that out.
It’s obvious that I had my browser tab opened before the message and the rug.
The assigned message means that we assign the project for a close and careful look at that moment. This doesn’t mean that we approve the project.

During the time of my message the rug occurred.
Thank you for the heads up. :wink: :blue_heart:


The scammer then takes the funds across the Horizon Bridge and into the OpenSea Wyvern Exchange in an attempt to launder:


They buy the following NFTs with the stolen money:

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We haven’t verified first-hand whether the devs maliciously abandoned the project, as many posters here have said. But, there are enough reports that it’s safe for us to obviously decline this request and close this thread.


I can prepare more onchain evidence, howvere I think that its quite clear. I will continue to monitor this wallet’s activity to see how they exit to fiat and to report.


Thanks @PioneerEmory looks like the MtopSwap team has some experience with things like this. Never been a fan of Defi in it’s current form but could see how your services could be useful.

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This project rugged, and bought NFTs for the rewards