Hey! It's me.......Justin

Hello fellow Harmonauts! My name is Justin Hall, and I reside on the Space Coast in Florida. Like most Floridians, I am not originally from Florida. In fact, I still consider Kansas City home despite not being there in over 12 years.

I’m an engineer by degree. Received both Electrical and Computer Engineering undergrad degrees and also went back and received my MBA. My career started with a Fortune 5 company in General Electric. I brought my Midwest work ethic to that company and early on was tapped as future executive leadership. During my tenure at GE, I worked as an automation test engineer testing embedded C code in electronics used for railroad signaling solutions. My most memorable experience was that I was fortunate enough to travel to Tibet for a project based in China where I worked with and met lifelong friends. Eventually was relocated to Florida where I was promoted to Senior Level Band and slapped with golden handcuffs in the form of a high salary compared to my peers with similar experience. Thought I had made it.

However, lunch breaks at the gym became filled with catered meetings. Weekends were spent at the office because how could I be forced to ask my employees to come in and not be there myself? The juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

I took a leap. I left GE to co-found an engineering consulting business specializing in providing automated test solutions and services. I was fully prepared to go 6 months without pay before having to tap into 401k. It took 14 months. That period was a very dark time for me. I quickly learned that the same colleagues from GE I called my friends were secretly rooting for me to fail as they had envy I was willing to take on such a risk. By year 5, I was sleeping on a cot in a Jacksonville working on a multi-year project we had landed with 5 new employees. My new business was making money hand over foot. But home, kids and wife were still in the Space Coast. In addition, I still found myself catering to companies in the rail and transportation sector.

My business recently hit the 10 year mark but the last two years I’ve stepped away to become a stay at home Dad with my two daughters. I’ve focused all my attention on their dreams, which at the time was becoming the best softball and golf players they could possibly be. My passion became helping them achieve their passion and its been amazing to see just how far one can go towards their dreams when you have someone in your court helping remove roadblocks and providing you with opportunities.

Which takes me to today. Being asked to relocate to Florida by GE and feeling obligated to work in Jacksonville due to client demands has led me to no longer want to be tied to a geographical area. I’m not a digital nomad. I like having a place called home. I just want to know that an option exists to move “home” should I wake up one day and decide mountains are better than oceans. A post Covid world feels like this should be more possible. I’m looking for my next adventure but am being picky this time. With big dreams of one day having a passive income stream so large I can create my own luck, I can’t think of anything better than getting involved with the one company I truly believe will get me there. Whether it be from staking rewards or the proposed Universal Basic Income option on the future roadmap, Harmony is and will truly change people’s lives for the better. I want in! And perhaps I’ll prove my worth and carve out my little niche as someone worth keeping around even if I’m in a remote village in Scotland.