HIM - Harmony Idea Maker

Hello EveryONE,

Like me, many of you must be great at coming up with creative ideas, but many of them end up going blank, perhaps due to the fact that they still lack the necessary skills to develop them, or simply not writing them down.

And it was from this gap that I came up with an idea that can literally feed many other ideas.

The idea is to create a Dapp / Smart Contract in which the ideas and the development of these ideas meet and generate fruits for everyone.

An Idea Maker, where members of the Harmony community can express their ideas of what may be a Dapp / Smart Contract or a new protocol within the Harmony Ecosystem.

Where it can be voted on by community members, and arouse the interest of some developer to make the idea a reality.

A place where the idea is registered, and has some form of compensation for creative rights, where the developer and the author of the idea and the community receive their share for contributing to Harmony.

HIM - Harmony Idea Maker.

What do you think?

Grateful for the opportunity!

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I like HIM, lets do.this