HOPR - transport-level privacy for Harmony

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Today, it is impossible to use Harmony or any Blockchain without exposing your IP address and other transport-level metadata to anyone on the internet. This proves to be a risk not only for big institutions wanting to join the crypto market whilst having to comply with data privacy regulations, but also for all individual traders who interface blockchain nodes and other decentralized infrastructure. They need to be assured of their privacy, not only to preserve their reputation, but also to protect them from sophisticated MEV extortion attacks and frontrunning that gives adversaries a competitive edge and puts both users and the decentralization of the entire system at significant risk.

To go further, the vision of the Web3 has thus far addressed privacy only from an on-chain perspective, and we need to watch out to have the topic of privacy solved from the ground up, otherwise we enable third parties to harvest even more data about users than is possible in today’s Web 2.0… HOPR aims to address these problems by providing the appropriate infrastructure.

We are working on foundational privacy infrastructure for the Web3, and the digital world in general, by creating an incentivized mixnet that allows for the private transmission of any kind of data while providing full transport level metadata privacy for both sender and recipient. HOPR ensures a decentralized architecture, thus eliminating single points of failure, as well as ensuring scalability by introducing a proof-of-relay mechanism. HOPR node runners are incentivized to relay data packages by getting enumerated for doing so. In that, HOPR’s privacy approach is complementary to the security promise of Harmony.

We have built an early version of the HOPR incentivized mixnet, including our unique proof-of-relay incentive mechanism, a decentralized peer discovery mechanism, building on top of the libp2p ecosystem. The latest release of HOPR is running on the xDAI blockchain, all updates are transparently visible in our GitHub repositories for the public. As such the largest development risk has been overcome as evidenced by several testnets which HOPR has been running with over 2000 individual nodes. As a next step we are planning to launch cover traffic which provides both privacy for early users as well as economic incentives for early node runners. In parallel we are working on first apps running on top of HOPR and increasingly make it easier for developers to onboard onto HOPR. We are currently seeking additional developers to speed up the development of the HOPR protocol and make it useful for app developers.

For this, we are looking to partner up with Harmony as we see a deep connection with both the technology as well as Harmony’s culture and values of empathy, passion and excellence. We are committed to change data privacy for good.

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We have laid out a roadmap with several milestones for the coming months that signal the success of our project.

  1. Firstly, we are in the process of building a showcase dApp to demonstrate the capabilities of the HOPR protocol and what can be built on top of it. It is due to be made public in Q1 2022.

  2. To further incentivize our community members to run nodes and to enhance the provided anonymity and security, we will introduce “Cover Traffic” to our network, the point of which is simply generating traffic to further obfuscate origin and destination of singular data packets, making statistical analysis as an attack vector impossible.

  3. Also, we are in the process of writing our Yellow Paper, a technical deep dive into the specifics of how the HOPR network can run securely. A draft version already exists in our GitHub repository.

  4. Furthermore, we are looking for potential partnerships with other dapp projects to include our protocol into their platform, to showcase not only the mutual benefit, but to also run testnets on different chains to show the interoperability of the HOPR protocol.

External links

HOPR GitHub organization

Our website

HOPR Basics Episodes

HOPR Yellow Paper (draft)


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

We are in the process of reviewing your proposal. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

This initiative is now scoped into Project X at EthDenver

Based on Harmony X’s program (d13: aaron-jack), approved for $250K investment

As discussed, we think the project solves a very important practical problem, has a sound business model, and opens up many new business opportunities. We love the vision of the project. The funding will be provided via Project X d8: aaron-jack

funded: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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On behalf of everyone at HOPR - thank you Harmony for acknowledging the importance of solving transport-level privacy in the web3 and supporting HOPR’s mission to change data privacy for good!

Thank you @Jacksteroo for the feedback and guidance, looking forward to a fruitful partnership!


Hi all - I wanted to give a quick update on the developments and highest level milestones of the HOPR project.

Completed Milestone - ETH Denver:
last month HOPR got the first community dapps built on top of HOPR. We have seen a payment channel visualization as well as a private Ethereum transaction relaying service ontop of the HOPR protocol. For this month we intend to launch

Upcoming Milestone - first dapp launch:
this month HOPR plans to launch our own first dapp on top of the HOPR protocol. It will be the first consumer-facing application that serves as a blueprint for application developers to build privacy-respecting reactive web apps on top of HOPR.

You can follow all our developments, ongoing work and backlog of next work tasks in the HOPR monorepo on GitHub or follow our bi-weekly dev updates on Twitter, see the latest HOPR Dev Update on Twitter here.