Interacting with the HMY CLI with Ankr Keystore files(delegate, sign & confirm)

This brief guide will help you to import your ankr keystores to hmy client to be able to sign transactions using the hmy client n your pc without visiting the ankr website.

I wrote this guide specifically for windows 10 users, however, linux users can work around with it.


  1. Get WSL installed on your PC. Get it at
  2. Get the HMY client at the official site: docs(.)

Follow the rest of the guide at:

If any problem is encountered, comment below and let me assist you.


You can also manually add the keystore file to your home directory by doing this.

WIN key + R --> (type) %APPDATA% β€”> (Make sure you are not in Roaming by clickking on appdata which may be btween your name and roaming.) appdata β€”> Local β€”> Packages β€”> CanonicalGroupLimited.Ubuntu18.04onWindow β€”> LocalState β€”> rootfs β€”> home β€”> your username β€”> (paste your keystore here)

Check if it worked by checking the list in your wsl home dir.
Enter and press enter. it should show the list of files.

Continue with the guide by importing the keystore file to the hmy client.

I think it’s easier to move the file than doing this.
mv /mnt/c/Users/Path/to/your/keystore.json ~

do not forget the tilde at the end.

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