Introduction Jeff Isom(blxxkshxxp)

Hi all,

It’s great to be a part of a project that sounds as promising as Harmony. Even if I’m only on the sidelines rooting it on. I don’t even know a lot about blockchain, but I have been researching Harmony the past week and this project has my confidence. I was actually in search of a good investment when I stumbled upon Harmony. I have a few other coins in one of my wallets that has appreciated by 300% and I decided to search for my next wise investment. Harmony popped out at me.

I came up with an idea today and talked about it in the telegram community. To my surprise, I was told it was a good idea and was directed here. I will explain what it is here and make another post in the relevant category as well.

My idea is to add another token besides $ONE. This token would have a max supply of about 1/5th that of $ONE, so 2.5B. It would be a token that is rewarded for good behavior. It would encourage people to take part in staking and to choose whom to delegate to wisely, as well as to BE an ethical delegator. Having this would draw attention to the fact that we keep track of good, honest behavior among validators. I suggest calling it, Honest(HON). It would only be minted at Harmony’s inception, which is upon us, until the max supply of 2.5B has been reached. I feel that a token that has such short supply would be attractive to potential investors. And possibly, after the entire supply of Honest has been minted, validators could stake their HON at five times the value of $ONE. Thus, continuing to reward good behavior by recycling tokens. Recycled Honest would then be equally distributed among ethical validators. This feature would also help promote the potential value of Honest in relation to $ONE in the ecosystem. I think I can speak for everyone with some skin in the game on Harmony… we want to put a price tag on honest, good behavior. We also want to promote staking among potential delegators and validators, and promote a healthy ecosystem as well through intelligent design.

I don’t have a computer background. My background is kind of all over the place, but mainly with writing, music, and art. I am currently getting ready to go back to college to finish my college degree to become an MRI tech. Blockchain fascinates me though. Maybe I’m missing my calling and possibly the team at Harmony could help me get my footing in this fledgling industry. Thank you all for taking the time to read this all the way through.



Hey Jeff, thanks for the well written post, fascinated by your background!