Landy Swap, NTF Marketplace

Buying land is quite a problem, considering you have to know all the details, invest a lot of time and money with no warranties of making the right choice.

Land property today is only available for a limit group of people, As we know land is limited hence land price increasing day by day but only the right people at the right time could take advantage of this precious asset, going to skyrocket.

Landy Swap will be the first platform in the World that uses Square Meters of Land as an investment Vehicle, connecting potential buyers with great land opportunities worldwide.


  • Invest in the first marketplace land in the world.
  • Invest from 1 square meter to thousands worldwide.
  • Access to on-chain loan plans.


  • Invest little money in different parts in the world
  • Sell whenever you want, No strings attached

By creating an NFT token to represent them and by taking ownership data on-chain, we can significantly improve both the transactional stage and the trust factor while automatizing their associated rewards.