Launches: Reflectaverse Dungeon Crawler. An upcoming rogue-like 2d isometric dungeon crawler game with NFT integration

The Reflectaverse is a game-fi dApp launched on the Harmony blockchain with an ecosystem of tokens, NFTs, staking, and upcoming games. Our custom built dApp is deployed on Harmony Mainnet with ~2k unique visitors per month at

We deployed a series of tokens and each of them has their own staking pool on our website with our P2E token ECHO. Some of the tokens are reflection tokens, paying the holders of those tokens back from slippage in various uncorrelated tokens such as UST, AVAX, JEWEL, DAI and ETH. We also deployed our non-reflection P2E token with future game based utility - ECHO - which is only mintable through our NFT access-gated staking pools set to run for approximately 3 years. We plan to have all our tokens utilized in our ecosystem moving forward.

Badge NFTs
We started by deploying a collection of NFT Badges which serve an access utility in the RV ecosystem. These HRC721 NFTs are minted in our native reflection tokens and at least one badge of any kind is required to be held in order to deposit or withdraw from ECHO staking pools. These badges are mintable on our website and verified by TofuNFT here on Harmony. We plan future utility for each of these badges in our dungeon crawler game and future games which can include in game boosts and exclusive access to content.

Avatar NFTs
We also have deployed our HRC721 Avatar collection of Azans. Azans play a critical role in the games and lore of the RV ecosystem. Azans are mintable in ECHO-ONE LP (JEWEL-LP Tokens) and will also play a major role in game boosts and exclusive access to content (such as levels or unique in game skills). The collection has a total supply of 2,500 and each Azan is randomly generated and unique with granular rarity by color and trait. The collection is listed on NFTKey here on Harmony and the artwork was drawn by a Harmony Artist which we help support with a portion of minted NFTs at set mint milestones.

The people of this realm are known as the Azans. They are mostly a humanoid race, however, due to technological discoveries, there are some who are born cyborgs and others maintaining vestiges from the past. They traverse the Halls of Darkness in pursuit of knowledge and discovery hunting for ancient relics to put the pieces of their past back together. These treasures provide prestige within their society and are symbols of glory in celebration of a past that is largely unknown to them. What they learn on their journey, they bring back to learn their history and help evolve with the secrets of their past to be better equipped to fight and survive in increasingly dangerous encounters.

Dungeon Crawler
Our first game is a 2d isometric dungeon crawler with sprawling levels, fast paced challenging combat, and other skills planned over time. The game is currently under development with a demo planned for release this quarter. The game is built in Unity and designed to be played through a web browser in connection with Metamask to interact with the Harmony blockchain from within the game using various SDKs and scripting. The assets, tilemaps, and scripts are handmade with inspiration from old Zelda games, SNES classics like Earthbound, and more recent indie games such as Smoke and Sacrifice. We plan to continue to release dungeons and content each quarter to expand and improve the game. For our most consistent players and holders, grinding/farming dungeons over time will lead to game-fi opportunities currently being developed. More details on the game-fi application will be released as they are finalized. Additional games are also in the pipeline and all the Reflectaverse games or expansions will use our NFTs currently mintable on Harmony Mainnet in determining stats and other access based controls (requiring a certain amount of Azans, Badges, or Tokens to use abilities such as crafting or enter areas for example). Certain balances will be incentivized on a temporary or permanent basis as new content is released to help balance the ecosystem to be announced in our discord.

Milestones Achieved
1.) Deploy HRC20 tokens, with and without reflection mechanics, with dashboard UI on Harmony Mainnet. :white_check_mark:
2.) Deploy HRC721 Badges and Avatars with minting dApp, mintable in HRC20 tokens on Harmony Mainnet. :white_check_mark:
3.) Deploy ECHO Master Chef and staking dApp, mintable only by NFT Badgeholders using HRC20 LP tokens on Harmony Mainnet. :white_check_mark:
4.) Our loyal community started to develop in October of 2021 and has grown to over 500 discord members with a large influx expected as our first game goes live. :white_check_mark:

Grant Milestones
1.) Launch a Testnet Dungeon Crawler Game. - $10k
2.) Form a core DAO with multisig to manage the game mechanics/issue and maintain P2E components and expand the DAO. (initially 3 out-of-5 signers required expected to grow). - $10k
3.) Launch the Dungeon Crawler Game on Harmony Mainnet. - $10k
4.) Achieve 1K daily active users (with video launch, full PR promotion). - $10k
5.) Achieve 5k daily active users (with an additional dungeon expansion, “manager/simulator” based game expansion). - $10k

Discord: Reflectaverse


Solid project, hope to see an approved grant, based dev


Like the idea of the badges, hoping for a lot of in-game utility for them in-game.
Loving the art work of the Azan’s. I only have one. But want more.
Hoping for a grant here, to support these up and coming projects.


The developer has shown clear dedication to the project, as well as to the community. Having deployed several different token contracts, a functional website, and two series of NFTs comprised of five different badges and the gaming NFT “Azans”, their capacity for performance has been clearly demonstrated. They are responsive to requests from their community, and transparent about the decisions being made. I believe they represent an opportunity to bring increased value to the Harmony ecosystem.


I’ve followed this project throughout every previous milestone and have been impressed with the quality of work that the developer delivers and passion for the project. The developer has built an impressive staking dashboard that incorporates the various coins and badges into earning echo as a staking reward. Its coherent. The Azans are aesthetically pleasing and I was happy to that the project supports a harmony artist. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the Harmony grant serves as a steroid to the project. The developer and lean team have delivered thus far and a grant from harmony would only accelerate their contribution of much needed actual gameplay to the blockchain. I believe this project will grow rapidly in the upcoming weeks as the game and ecosystem is delivered and fully realized.


This project is the best kept secret on Harmony ONE and is absolutely worthy of a grant. This is the furthest thing from a “cash grab” as you can get. There has been so much custom building done on this project. Reflectaverse has essentially one developer that has built all of their novel contracts, website, and game play.

AND that one developer has also been active in the community and provided assistance to Morsel Protocol in our early stages of development. These are the types of long-term thinkers we want to thrive in this ecosystem. This is exactly the type of developer you want to give a grant to because you know that money is going to one thing and one thing only: building cool stuff on Harmony ONE


Great community… Active dev, in community and development… All around great project that deserves attention…


This project has been around roughly 4 month with an active dev pushing to be better each day. That alone is what put this project on the next level.


Solid project with very transparent team.I have been with them for a long time and believe in the team and that they will deliver.
Looking forward to more from ReflectaVerse !

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


I must say this project has a great team. They are very active and converses with community. I really enjoyed their AMAs. And they definitely has cool ideas as well.

I would definitely promote and support this project. I bought some azans and badge already btw.

Goodluck team and I hope your proposal will be approved then you can push more in your milestones.

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Super projet que je suis depuis le début, une communauté vivante et très active. Une équipe à un gros travail et toujours disponible pour répondre aux questions.
Il avance bien disent ce qu’ils font et font ce qu’ils disent.
Bravo c’est du bon travail

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I’ve been in the project since the first week, and all I can say is that the dev / team surprises me day by day with constant updates,sneek peaks,giveaways! The developer is quick to respond to any questions asked and he is open to hear any suggestions made back by the community.Cant wait to see what the future holds after the grant gets approved for the project! Incoming #1 game on the Harmony chain :star_struck:


I wanted to provide a bit more background on the game for your consideration @papi. The high level vision of the game is to create a lightweight experience that links multiple maps, puzzles, fights and skills in a survival based dungeon crawler using NFTs and Tokens. The game is built in a 2d isometric style with custom drawn and modeled sprites and tilemaps. The main functionality involves various C# scripts to handle animations, blockchain transactions and game mechanics. It uses the Universal Render Pipeline for lighting and Pathfinding for AI. We have completed AI pathfinding scripts, 4 tilemaps (each its own scene, linked by portals). 8 directional isometric animation scripts are complete. Combat is in progress. We have integrated web3.unity to connect to the Harmony blockchain and are in progress on integrating our NFTs and Tokens. We plan to expand the artwork team considerably. We began building the game on April 3rd, 2022. Our loyal community started to develop in October of 2021 and has grown to over 500 discord members with a large influx expected as our first game goes live. Our current monetization strategy involves the continued sale of usable NFTs for our games, treasury management, grant funding or investments, and current additional expansion of in-game NFT minting and in-game sale opportunities. We are currently developing HRC1155s or HRC721s mintable in the game that can have either a cosmetic, game-fi or in game utility. (such as potions, buffs, etc.)


Good morning/afternoon @papi! I have today a progress update and also wanted to answer some commonly asked questions of prospective game grantees after doing our background research.

Update on the Game
The game is almost ready to launch! At least a demo with combat, 4 maps and metamask integration with our NFTs. I envision the full game including up to 10 connected maps with portals and a key system unlocking those portals to ensure players clear all 10 maps before attempting the boss as well as other skills over time. I am proud of our developer for building this phenomenal game in such a fast time and with so much scalability. While the demo will be live in a matter of weeks, we think the full 10 map dungeon will be launched no later than Q3 2022.

How Big is Your Team and Can You Really Deliver This Game?
Our team is extremely lean in order to cut overhead to a bare minimum. We have one person focusing entirely on communications, grants, investments and business strategy. He is helping to ensure we have multiple streams of income not dependent on grant funding. Our developer is a seasoned web developer and object-oriented programmer working on our Unity game AND is also an artist working in Blender and Adobe Creative Cloud providing us with initial game assets. Our third team member works with the community significantly building partnerships and helping with marketing and our fourth is our strategy leader and highly trusted multisig signer. Two of these members are active Harmony developers. We are planning to actively recruit at least one more team member for the initial DAO and expand to 9 preferably with some of the trusted Harmony DAO members as our multisigs.

Our developer has already delivered a playable version of this game connected to the Harmony blockchain and our cost to do so has been almost nothing. The only expansion to our team planned at this point is a considerable amount to artwork so we can bring an exceptionally visually pleasing experience to our users. We do not need programmers and until we implement some of the more advanced blockchain mechanics we do not need a second solidity developer.

Despite how lean our team is and low cost, I want to emphasize how scalable our game is due to the extremely low bandwidth and how realistic it is that we can both develop the game and maintain it long-term while expanding with new content frequently. Test builds of the game have been FAR less than 100MB. Depending on the scope of features in our first dungeon launch, the game with music and metamask integration is likely to be less than 50MB. This results in almost no cost for us to host the game in terms of bandwidth and the game is extremely fast for our users. Being a 2d isometric game introduces only slight complications such as 8 directional programming but this is nowhere near something as ambitious as a 3d game and we can deliver results on a much more rapid timeline. We are committed to delivering a low bandwidth game that packs a big punch with its story, heart, and soul.

Our developer has commented that the cost of bandwidth for the entire 10 map dungeon will likely not even increase our website costs in any material way which are virtually nothing. We only have a tiny monthly cost to continue operating (web hosting and professional IPFS gateway for our Harmony NFTs) and are not dependent on grant funding although we are seeking it to deliver a better game and expand our team and community. This means we can continue to operate without even raising additional funding even though we have NFT sales and many game transactions planned as well as various other income sources and team investments.

Are We Going Cross-Chain?
Only if we can showcase all that Harmony has to offer users from these other chains. We do plan to go cross-chain but only so far as it brings our community BACK to Harmony. Harmony is our home base and will remain so. We have unique levels planned for AVAX and MATIC at this time. These levels will only be for our core Harmony community to go adventuring and bring back something of value to Harmony. I believe this only showcases the interoperability of Harmony Protocol and its robust bridging options.

How Will You Define Milestones with DAU?
We would be happy with any metric that satisfies you. Using a 30 day average seems like a reasonable measure of the games popularity and we will report these metrics frequently to keep everyone updated.


Great project! Looking forward to understand how the mechanics work in depth!

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Thanks! By way of update, we are working on all the blockchain integration this week. NFTs will originally serve an “access” utility (hold at least one Avatar to load the games) and also provide various stat boosts. Then, we seek to have other token and NFT minting transactions happening in game.

We also started a 3D FPS version of Relic Hunters based on random land maps. You can see footage on our Twitter page.


By way of update, today we are focusing on the 3D game and building all the UI components which will integrate NFTs, wallets, etc as well as a minimap.

Also began work on the second map in the first build which will also be linked by portals similar as the 2D game.


I apologize for the late reply. We were at an offsite last week and couldn’t review any proposals. Regarding your other messages to our team, let’s not stoop down to name calling or accusations. I understand you were patiently waiting, and I’m sorry it has taken us a while.

Approved for $50K Launch grant. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing this built out with the first milestone for a Testnet Launch built on Harmony :tada:

“Testnet Launch” means launching a feature-complete product on Harmony Testnet. We define feature complete to include a user interface, connection to a wallet (Metamask, Harmony ONE Chrome Extension, etc.) on Testnet, and can be tested end-to-end by at least 100 users.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ. Please join the Harmony Grants Telegram channel and Harmony’s Discord server.

Read about our Harmony Ventures Network program if you are seeking to raise capital.

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread here, to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

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Thanks! We appreciate the support and will take this opportunity to build two amazing games for Harmony. If you are a Harmony artist that wants to work on games, please contact us on discord. We want to invest a large portion of this money in Harmony artists! We need 2d isometric art and 3d unity prefabs. The best place to follow is Twitter, but we will keep our grant updated periodically.