Launches: Reflectaverse Dungeon Crawler. An upcoming rogue-like 2d isometric dungeon crawler game with NFT integration

Yet you dug up our grant just to insult a team building here and pile on Harmony as if its somehow helping the circumstances or broader chain @juanonewuan. You and the others insulting teams, other grantees and threatening the people keeping this blockchain running needs to stop. Its amazing you somehow think its helping the situation. And maybe you’ll be happy to know (which is Sad) that even though we went through this entire difficult process, we won’t be receiving the funds anyways!

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Too bad isn’t it , atleast fate is sometimes just right.

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You mean Fate? Well the good thing about our operation is we didn’t rely on the grant and our game is coming out in the next few weeks! For someone who doesn’t want to play our game, you sure spend a lot of time here. Nowhere else to go? Nothing else to do? We will deliver regardless of the grant situation. @juanonewuan

Actually our game is really entertaining and fun. We’ve not only built a full custom react dApp on Harmony but this game we’ve spend hundreds of hours on and has over 2,000 lines of C#. This includes novel NFT code we developed ourselves.

You’ve never played so I’m not sure how you even would know that or immediately want to insult our work. I’ll chalk it up to how down bad you must be.

Either way, here’s a video of some new explosion mechanics. Every game object is explodable.

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