Measuring Endpoint Speed - Developer Tool

Hi all! I recently developed a simple yet consistent methodology for measuring the speed of endpoints; seeing as I have yet to find a reliable Harmony service that provides this capability to developers, I went ahead and made a web application to do just this.

I developed this method during my time developing my primary project, Amity DeFi, and decided to turn it into an easily accessible tool for developers and users to make more educated decisions on what endpoint to use. This method is very simple yet produces highly consistent and, in my experience, reliable results; below you will find two graphs that were made from datasets generated with this method. (the web application will produce lower response times then these due to the graphed datasets being generated on a different machine; although they will have the same differences, effectively producing the same general measurement)

You can access this free tool here:
(note: when measuring a url, only press the measure button once; it will begin testing it after the first click)


Awesome product from an awesome developer!


Simple and effective. Might be very usefull for projects that want to chose consistent rpc usage in their dapps.


As a note, you can now make GET calls to this through

This will run a standard test on the URL you input and return response time in ms.