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DAO creation

MelodyONE is a new ecosystem being developed on Harmony that features a collaborative series called ‘Harmonyzer’ where artists, musicians, and developers are teamed up to create works that will be auctioned, with portions of sales donated to charity. The initial offering will feature ‘Note’ custom NFTs created by our growing artistic community. Each Note NFT will be able to be used in an upcoming musically-interactive NFT marketplace, interact with exclusive artist livestreams, VR spaces, and be staked to earn HRC-20 Melody tokens (MLDY), the governance token of MelodyDAO, where you can submit proposals and votes for charitable causes. ‘Note’ NFTs can also be ‘played’: staked into yield-lending defi pools that directly support the community-chosen charities, causes, and projects.

Our goal is a beautifully orchestrated influx of users, artists, organizations, and real-world financial use cases from other blockchains and non-crypto users so they can enjoy the amazing technology and community right here, in Harmony, while launching the careers of creators and their ability to support causes they believe in.

Our inspiration to create MelodyONE was fortified with our recent success taking part in the SpaceX/Inspiration4/St. Jude NFT auction… the charity raised over $250 million!

Proposal ask

$1 million

Metrics for success

Next steps on the roadmap include:
-Launch of the MelodyONE NFT environment
-Launch of the Interactive web3 livestream environment
-Expanding the team of developers and community-creators

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Validator: Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B


Sounds very promising! And I really like the charity aspect. Looking forward to seeing this get going…Best of luck with receiving the grant

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Hello @MelodyONE - Thank you so much for writing up this proposal.

As with a lot of the proposals, I like to start by looking at the guidelines for the category for which you are applying:

100 DAOs ($50M). Governors of each DAO have delegated autonomy over its assets and initiatives. Harmony helps define 3 broad mandates, recruit 9 governors, define the deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months, and fund at maximum $1M. We recommend $75 to $350 per hour as the self-assessed salary, 3-month election terms, retroactive peer bonus and performance feedback, 80% passing votes, and openly tracking timesheets and deliverables for each member.

Let’s focus on the DAO specifics:
(1) Define 3 Broad Mandates.
(2) Recruit 9 Governors
(3) Define deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months.

I like what you are proposing - but if you could modify your proposal to provide, clearly, those three items, that would help us qualify your project.

Sam | Harmony | Ecosystem Growth

Hello @MelodyONE

I wanted to follow up on this request.
It’s been about 8 days. Is your team working on the DAO specific requirements?