Mining for BTC without electricity cost


Hey there!

Worked in several roles in tech from CEO/COO/VP of Sales/Dir. Of Growth. Found out about Harmony via Li who I connected via a previous venture that was partnered with GSV Labs.

For the last year, we have been working in stealth on a power system that has zero electricity cost when it mines for bitcoin. Our power system uses commercial off the shelf solar. More importantly, we developed a way to capture the heat generated by the mining chip and store that heat, convert it to energy in a battery bank and use it when solar is not available (ie night or rain). We are starting with the crypto space going to market mining ourselves and creating a decentralized pool. We are currently working on going to market, developing an all-star advisory board a cross energy and crypto and getting our systems setup and mining. We also have a smaller device that is nine inches which uses the same tech and allows for products (ie sensors, and IOT devices) to be perpetually powered.

I love to help and learn from others.

What do you have on tap for 2019?


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I’m curious how many TH/s you can achieve with a solar panel?

Contrary to common anti-BTC narratives, I believe mining will actually provide strong research incentives on how to be more efficient with natural (heat, solar) energy!


Hey sorry for the delay just saw this. So our power system that includes solar and thermal electric power works in KW. The TH/s is based on the mining machine that we use and how the machine is. We are between 20-50 TH/s depending on the machine.

Make sense?