Monello – A cross-platform tipping and betting bot for Discord and Telegram

Thank you for both of your answers. You raised a very few good point I would have addressed in our FAQs.

As I previously said, before embarking in the developing of a project of this proportion, our team has already addressed the legal aspect of our idea. It was one of the main barrier this project had to face. We have already analyzed the Discord and Telegram Terms of Service and of course there is no direct mention about blockchain, on-chain bots, betting, gambling and cryptocurrencies. This is because, as you stated, on-chain bots are relatively new technology that needs to be visited case-by-case. So it is indeed true that this may complicate the integration process of the bot inside the Discord ecosystem. That is why one of our main goal would be to add a competent legal figure to our team, which could help tremendously in dealing with the legal aspect of the matter. In any case, we came to the conclusion that the main problem could possibly be the implementation of games, playable by more players against the bot, based on RNG. These types of games fall more specifically under the gambling wing. The most sensible solution would be to avoid adding these games to the bot. We believe that all the other games which are not directly based on RNG and that are played between two or more people, and not between more people and the bot, should comply with the terms of services.

Also, please consider that Monello is defined as a closs-platform bot. So if, and only if, in the worst case, Discord refused our implementation, we could still continue to develop a Telegram version of the bot, since Telegram is much less strict about on-chain bots, that I know of. Of course that would require a different marketing strategy, though.

Indeed, what you say it’s true. It’s also true that I am not a prominent member of the community, but I am a long time luker who is invested in Harmony since 2020. Also, I proposed this idea to a Discord mod more than 1 year ago and I just recently built a team and we started develop our project a month ago. With that said, we can guarantee wallet security trough code, by modularly add many security layers to our application, but it will take time to gain the trust by the community. But trust has to start somewhere and it consolidates through time. The paradox is that if our project isn’t allowed to start in the first place because the community does not trust it, it will never be trusted at all. That is why, as stated above, there would be no problem for us to work hand-in-hand with the Harmony team. It would only help us to have an important member of the Harmony community join our team, having him constantly check our intentions and our code, that will be rigorously open source. I don’t know if it’s the same with Amity since we haven’t been able to find your github repository. We want to offer the maximum transparency in that sense.

To conclude, I am really happy knowing that a founder of a consolidated project like yours support our idea, despite due and comprehensible reservations. I also hope that we are not perceived as competitors. I strongly believe in cooperation and I hope we can collaborate in some way, in the near future!

Now, if you will excuse me, I will answer to all of @Pioneer questions tomorrow since here it’s very late. Also, some of the specifications about how many things will be implemented are written in the post. So forgive me for now! I hope to resume the discussion in the next hours.

EDIT: grammar, due to the late hour :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey Team - thank you for your application and for considering Harmony. I regret to inform you that Harmony won’t be moving forward with your grant application. We encourage you to continue to build on Harmony despite this outcome.