Moon Robots 🤖 NFT-Powered Economy Game with Strategy & RPG Elements

Moon Robots Harmony Grant Application

Application type

Product Launch

Proposal overview

Moon Robots is a cross-chain economy strategy P2E game with RPG elements launching on Harmony One blockchain. The first NFT minting (10k of Robo Eggs) is scheduled for 25 April 2022. The project’s lore and elements of strategy go beyond “stake to earn” or “hold to earn” mechanics that can be seen in other P2E games. The full set of the game features will go live one month after initial minting.

The game

The NFT Robots are heroes that players will be able to collect, breed and trade. Robots will be hatched from minted Robo Eggs, and players will be able to increase chances of getting rare Robots by upgrading Eggs by spending $OIL. After hatching, Robots will be able to participate in several quests that will bring $OIL and NFT items as rewards. The quests will be of various types like: harvesting, scavenging or breeding. $OIL spent on upgrades or other in-game activities will be partially burned, partially distributed among LP stakers.

The Lands

Parallel to game start (a couple weeks from Eggs minting), players will be able to purchase NFT Moon Lands. Land owners will be able to earn passive income from their Lands which will depend on their share in the Land Rewards pool. To keep or increase their share, Land owners will have to upgrade their Land which requires NFT items that Robots find during Quests. It encourages unpredictable and varied dynamic between Land and Robot owners, facilitated by ability to trade Lands, Robots and Items on NFT marketplaces.

The LP Mining

LP staking model will be one of the mechanics utilized for initial distribution of the token (Token Distribution Phase). 70% of Max Supply will be emitted during that phase (emissions shared between LP, Quest and Land rewards) totalling ~80% of remaining Max Supply being emitted 6 months after the Moon Landing event. LP staking will still be used after the emission ends to sustainably support token liquidity after all of $OIL tokens have been emitted (Post-Emission Phase). Game economy during that phase will require sustained demand for $OIL token and players spending $OIL to play. Spent $OIL will be partially burned, the rest is used to reward players and LP stakers.

The Tokens

To support all game mechanisms there will be 4 tokens: $OIL, $STARDUST, $ENERGY and $GOLD. First two tokens are tradable ones. $STARDUST and $OIL are already listed and can be swapped on FoxSwap. Listing on a CEX is planned, but will probably not be implemented for some time as the LP staking model might be able to provide sufficient liquidity while providing fairer token distribution.

State of the project

  • Whitepaper published
  • Partnerships established
  • $STARDUST listed on DEX
  • Pre-minting completed
  • $OIL IDO completed
  • $OIL listed on DEX
  • First two interactive NFT collections are live on NFTKEY


  • Minting event final preparations
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Expanding community
  • Expanding social media marketing


  • Robo Egg upgrading and reward programme
  • Listing on major NFT marketplaces
  • Moon Land Deed Sale
  • Moon Landing Event
  • Egg hatching
  • Moon Land claiming
  • LP programme start
  • Quests start
  • Stake-to-play $OIL to $ENERGY mechanic
  • LP staking phase 2
  • Cross-chain game play
  • NFT bridges


  • Founder and CEO: Froggie
    • 12 years of experience in making popular F2P games (EA Games)
    • Twitter: froggiedidride
  • Business Development Executive: 0xKraft
    • Founder of Metatrone NFT marketplace, experienced Business Development Executive (Pegafund)
    • Twitter: 0xKraft
    • LinkedIn: Ivan Kraft
  • СTO: Sergey Pryhodko
    • Blockchain enthusiast, 10 years of experience developing web-based JS/React/Angular applications
    • GitHub: JimmyUA
    • Linkedin: Sergey Pryhodko
    • Twitter: PryhodkoSergey
  • Lead Engineer: Andrey
    • 15 years of experience in F2P game development (Rovio), blockchain enthusiast
  • Front-End Developer: Damil
    • React/JS/TS/SASS, 5 years of experience
  • Lead Artist: NMArt
    • 11 years of experience creating art for F2P games (Rovio, Nevosoft)
    • Behance: NatalyMart
  • 3D Artist: eji Dopkin
    • 3D modeling, Blender expert
    • ArtStation: ejidopkin4
    • Instagram: hadgehog_art
  • 3D Artist: Liza Demarina
    • Blender artist
    • Behance izdemonk
    • Instagram: izdemonk
  • Community Manager: Emi Honda
    • Experienced community relations specialist, CM at Metatrone
    • Twitter: nfthonda
  • Development Advisor: Shestov
    • ONEruDAO member, MarsColony multisig governor
    • Twitter: shestov_cc
  • Outreach Advisor: DEXLaboratory
    • Creator & Leader of DEXLaboratory, content creator & educator
    • Twitter: dexlaboratory4

State of the product

  • Whitepaper published:
  • Partnerships established: Artemis Protocol, FoxSwap, Metatrone, WenLambo, Atlantys
  • Whitelist tickets minted and used to boost user activity and contribution incentive:
  • $STARDUST listed on FoxSwap
  • Pre-minting completed
  • Multi-signature treasury wallets created:
  • $OIL IDO completed at Artemis
  • $OIL listed on FoxSwap (FDV: $1.8M, Liquidity: $1M)
  • “Space Easter” LTE with combinable NFTs successfully launched:

Current metrics

  • $OIL token FDV: $1.8M
  • $OIL token Liquidity: $1M
  • Website unique visitors: 6,000
  • Registered users: 2,000
  • Unique monthly users: 1,800
  • Discord members: 16K
  • Twitter followers: 4.5K moonrobotsgame

Short-term Objectives

  • Minting event final preparations
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Expanding community
  • Expanding social media marketing

Forthcoming Objectives

  • Robo Egg upgrading and reward programme
  • Listing Genesis Collection on major NFT marketplaces
  • Moon Land Deed Sale
  • Moon Landing Event
  • Egg hatching
  • Moon Land claiming
  • LP programme starts
  • Quests start
  • Stake-to-play $OIL to $ENERGY mechanic
  • LP staking phase 2
  • Cross-chain game play
  • NFT bridges

Proposal Ask

The project has already raised $500,000 from the presale, which combined with upcoming minting events covers the required development budget for the launch. We are applying for the Harmony grant to establish close relationships with the Harmony team and to expand and strengthen our ties with the Harmony community.

Therefore, the team decided to limit our ask to $50,000 worth of $ONE which will be used to attract more users to Harmony ecosystem. As our project and development team grow, we will be working with Harmony more extensively towards increasing their involvement with the project.


  • First tranche after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
  • Second tranche after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multi-signature with our DAOs
  • Third tranche after launching on our mainnet with audit
  • Fourth tranche after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
  • Fifth tranche after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Contact Us

Twitter: @moonrobotsgame

Discord: moonrobots


Thank you @dpagan-harmony @Abhi for your feedback and help in putting it all together! :blue_heart:


@nickv you brought this post back to life!
The system won’t allow me to add more links though :roll_eyes:


This looks like a well thought off project, I’m in…


It is a pleasure to be on Advisory board of such well thought-out project. Froggie & the whole team are hard workers and they have best interest of community in mind.

They do not bend the truth just to gain more traction, but rather show it clearly as it is.

I am happy to see such projects on Harmony One blockchain, and hoping to see many more get the opportunity and right support to grow & thrive in this ecosystem!


Yes! This project look awesome, can’t wait for the mint!

So far the project is being run very well, you can see great commitment


I am very happy to be part of this project!
Until now Moon Robots team delivered all, what they promised.
I am very excited and waiting for the next mile stones for this project!


Probably one of the best projects to launch on the Harmony blockchain, people are suspicious of the project because the marketing is so strong, even before the minting has started! :flushed:


Looks really good, cant wait for my egg to start the journey !! Well done to the team !


Solid project, economics, game mechanics, team did a great and professional work.


Every day I’m waiting for the next news about this project - its addictive!
Can’t wait for eggs journey and land expand, team did good job and this is just the beginning!


With that team i am not affraid about the game tokenomic and quality.
Really great ideas implemented here just improve that it Has to be a huge success :slight_smile:

I cant wait the full game :slight_smile:

Great job #MoonRobots !


Great project and even greater team! Definitely my favorite Harmony project at the moment and looking forward to the mint.


Vouching for Froggie and Kraft, hardworking guys.

This project is as legit as it gets.


Really looks like great project and well thought. Im excited to join in!


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Great project!!! Fingers crossed!

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Surely one of the best projects on Harmony. Been silently watching their community and the amount of work and effort this team has delivered and it is astounding. 100% behind this grant!


Great project :fire:So far going well and they do what they promise​:rocket: can’t wait for minting.


I am in!!! Love that project!


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