Moon Robots 🤖 NFT-Powered Economy Game with Strategy & RPG Elements

Thank you guys at Hermes for your support! You’re awesome :fire:

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Appreciate your support!

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This proposal was completed very well and was thought out prior to submission. Love the potential this project has and I am happy to see Harmony working so well for so many different exciting projects.


Thanks Flu for the approval :blue_heart:

(posting additional info here)
Looking forward to seeing this built out with the first milestone for a Testnet Launch built on Harmony :tada:

“Testnet Launch” means launching a feature-complete product on Harmony Testnet. We define feature complete to include a user interface, connection to a wallet (Metamask, Harmony ONE Chrome Extension, etc.) on Testnet, and can be tested end-to-end by at least 100 users.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ. Please join the Harmony Grants Telegram channel and Harmony’s Discord server.

Read about our Harmony Ventures Network program if you are seeking to raise capital.

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread here, to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

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Please read below for important information on our grants to ensure we’re in alignment and agree to the terms.

  • Launch grants are incentives for teams to launch their project on Harmony with a short 3-month exclusivity deal + co-marketing strategies such as AMA, retweet mainnet launches, etc. (marketing strategies to be discussed).
  • Harmony’s launch grants are not investments, nor are they meant to provide teams with funding they require to complete development of their project.
  • Teams should be in tune with the scope of their project, ensure it’s deliverable and feasible within their skill and internal budget.

Funds will be released upon completing these milestones:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)


Hey team. Read through all the docs, comments, and tried to learn as much as I can. Here’s my impression

  • The team seems really experienced and committed to growing the game.
  • It feels a bit early. A lot of work on the token and NFT’s, but not much else right now. If I’m wrong, please point me where I can learn more
  • Ideally we’d like to see mainnet launch within 60-90 days.
  • We are also seeing a lot of idle nft staking gameplay. We’d like to see more other game types, to give variety to our community.

Let me know what you think above. As of right now, no decision yet, but am curious what your responses are to my questions above.

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why does the same mod keep winning giveaways though? LOL

Hi Papi, thank you for your feedback and great questions!

As we discussed previously, the team has been approved for the grant and we fully understand and agree with the Harmony terms. Thank you Harmony team for the support, help, and advice given all this time. We looking forward to continuing building on Harmony and deliver best in class user experience and solutions that will benefit both ecosystem and Moon Robots players in particular.

Moon Robots progress update:

Milestone 1: Testnet

The Moon Robots game is already on the mainnet and has 800 active players, testnet is used to test the function before the deployment.

Testnet: (DM for password)


Milestone 2: Community DAO

Multisignature wallet (5-out-of-9) is established out of team members, Harmony DAO & community representatives. Multisignature wallet will be used to collect funds from players and manage IDO LP

We want to create high-performing and transparent governance and for that we are thinking about implementing our own voting mechanics for our players to take part in game development and take part in decisions that could directly affect their strategy.

Team: Froggie, Andrei, 0xKraft
DAOs: Shestov, Mando, Hank the Crank Coins
Community: DEXLaboratory, Fractal Harmony, Letrix





Hank the Crank






A project that I wake up and fall asleep with :slight_smile: I start every day with a review of the information, I have been extremely drawn in , I am sure it will be a great success. We are currently in a difficult period on the market, but Moon Robots is moving forward and gives active players a lot of benefits :slight_smile:


Moon Robots is a promising project backed by a detailed whitepaper and a great team.

It will not be too long now until the Robot eggs land on the Moon and the main game starts.

The game has some well thought out mechanics and the visuals of the egg game have been neat, I expect the main game will look very neat too.

I like it that the team cares about the longevity of the project and not a quick cash grab, they care about the investors.

Now let’s go to the Moon! :wink:


Truly the most innovative gamefi project on Harmony. The art itself speaks volumes about the team behind the project. White paper is the icing on the cake!


Currently the only project I am so bullish on. Think the best is yet to come. Landing and hatching coming!


Hi moon robots :wink: I’m glad that despite the bear market the project is still developing in the right direction and I see in it a huge potential if there is a fusion of robo eggs it will be a HIT!!! I keep my fingers crossed for you and I look forward to news from you! Greetings :wink:


Loving the game so far! Can’t wait for Moon Land Thoon!!


In a hard time on the market, this project is doing very well. We are at the beginning of this long-term adventure so check out the whitepaper and the band, you will get a lot of information on discord.
Hop on board we’ll fly to space. Your wallet will grow!


A great project that is constantly developing and will start in an interesting way. So far everything is going well, keep it up! We’re going to the moon for robots :slight_smile:


Moon Robots is a project in the development phase. The plan is to launch the game as in robot quests and land quests by June 2022. I have been a fan ever since I saw the gorgeous 3D art style. The development team is solid, and their intention is 100% to create an excellent game for all players. They take a lot of constructive feedback and adjust the development according to demands. Not to forget, the whitepaper and roadmap are sorted out with the tokenomics planned with utility. This is a project definitely to keep an eye out.


Ok team - we’ve established that Flu approved this project already, which many of us didn’t know, so we apologize for the confusion. Our fault, not yours.

After completing milestones, please submit grant distributions here:

And tag me so I know to approve it on the back-end.


Congratulations, @Froggie! I will be working alongside @papi as your representatives with Harmony. I would like to begin a Telegram group with you and your team. Will DM you.