MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Hello. Sure we can give more details about the decision.

Can I ask why messages from HarmonyWon and Pioneer have been deleted from the Holy Grail project?

Deleting messages from mods that can be linked to the same actors from this project, makes me think about lack of transparency that we are asking in the network.

Do you have an explanation about it?

Open to have a constructive discussion.

Thank you.

Oh, that’s definitely something that we can openly discuss! I personally had been assigned as mod of Holy Grail months ago and the project ended up being abandoned by the dev, so I decided to leave the server recently so that it was clear that there was no longer any relationship between myself, or any of our team, and Holy Grail.

We don’t have anything to hide. Our wallet addresses are on the MS, we have support from much of the Holy Grail community, and I will personally doxx to the harmony team in any capacity.


Why then if @Jacksteroo asked the team if you’ve been working on another project you didn’t talk about Holy Grail?

I am not sure this is a just assessment of @HarmonyWon’s character or involvement. Many of us in the Harmony ecosystem were burned by Holy Grail, which sucked, but was at no fault of @HarmonyWon or any other mod from that community. All mods from Holy Grail were unpaid and entirely volunteer to help the projects community grow. None of the mods actively helped build the project nor understood the intentions of the dev until it was too late for them as well.

There are many community AMAs where it is addressed the involvement of @HarmonyWon and other mods. It is not something they hide from in the eyes of the community. I do believe this is an assessment that should be reviewed and changed.


In a post from harmonywon above he talks about his involvement in holy grail and that he was a mod. That project had just grail harder as the sole dev and team member. The rest of them were just mods for the discord…


The question was about if we had built any other projects? We were community members at holy grail and before it was abandoned we really believed that it was a great project. We were unpaid moderators, and we did not have a hand in the development of Holy Grail. Honestly, we were trying to help the project and we were mislead by the dev. This is a lot bigger than I can say here.

If anything, we want to protect the community from scams and bad actors. Look at our track record for dispelling scam coins and helping to educate the community. Our project arose from the failure of holy grail and the feeling that we were betrayed along with our community.


Can you point to it, please?


Involvement in Holy Grail was addressed in a previous post: MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000 - #45 by HarmonyWon
MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000 - #69 by HarmonyWon

Moderation over on that project (which I also participated in) was nowhere close to “building”, Grail Harder was the only person actively working on the project’s development, all community mods were unpaid volunteers and we were responsible, for example, for the formation of the multi-sig to try and protect the community.

Community moderation, again, was mentioned in multiple of @HarmonyWon 's posts linked above, I do not see how this is a lack of transparency, but rather an abundance of it.


An explanation would be helpful with rejections <3 Good luck Mtop I’m cheering for ya!


Hey, let’s do one thing here. I think it’s going to be better.
Why don’t we leave this in Standby moment without 100% declined launch and after this messages, we do have a Video conference together so we don’t fire more questions and we do it all in a call a see each one faces?
The talk that I had with @HarmonyWon was good the other day and this makes me think that we could solve all the doubts in a group call.
I am waiting for your answer.
Thank you.


Great, we can make ourselves available at the earliest possible time. What is your availability? This is the most important topic for us and we are available right now. Please let us know how to get this setup.


Happy to talk through your concerns immediately and will continue to commit to full transparency! Ping me on Discord and we can create a Group chat and hop on video. A majority of the team is available even today to do this!


More on this, we record the AMAs and make them available to the public in our discord server! Tons of valuable info and explanations on our past, present, and future.


I am not affiliated with MTOP, I just hold a really small stake in $HLY.

Most of the mods and ex-mods (some which had moved to MTOP) have been quite professional in dealing with the rest of the community even when things got really heated up when people start to realize Holy Grail is a rug. We were made aware that the project is a one man team and the mods are just merely volunteers who are also in the dark about what is happening development side.

When it was becoming quite obvious that Holy Grail was a rug most of the mods left one by one and renounce their roles as mods in the community. For some strange reason GH never bothered to remove their mod roles even after returning from his long “hiatus” when he pops back to the discord server off and on.

With regards to deleting messages, the accusations actually come from GH himself that @Pioneer was the one who deleted the general channel before leaving. I don’t see @Pioneer denying it, but that is also probably @Pioneer was not being aware of the accusation leveled at him after leaving the server. The only people who would have access to those logs of who deleted the general channel is probably only GH himself so there is no way for us to really know who deleted general channel. And I am less likely to believe what GH have to say at this point. GH is most likely trying to get back at the people who called out on his rug.

Also just to add GH had announced his intention to “move” the project to another chain because of not obtaining the grant from Harmony. Which to me is total BS because in the past he had said that he will work on the project regardless of whether Holy Grail receives funding from Harmony. This is probably one of the reasons why the general chat channel was deleted, so as to start off fresh when he moves to the new chain.

That said it is still necessary to do the due diligence on the project and the team behind MTOP. I just don’t think it is fair to judge them solely based on their past affiliation with a rug project


Scalping radicals sounds like he’s doing the world a favor. It’s crazy you guys don’t think you should take profit or benefit from being first to a project. What are you supposed to do in the crypto space, lose? They’ve been building like crazy, clearly you haven’t kept up with any of it.


Did you even look at the date of his Hly sells lol. Those sells were weeks after grail harder ghosted his project… everyone pretty much sold then. I sold 60 million myself. Also, it seems harmonywon sold at a huge loss. So pretty much all of your fud here has zero merit. We all lost money on HG except probably grail harder himself. And the fact that you say won has built nothing on harmony shows how much research you’ve actually put in to these statements. Join the discord and see for yourself! Sorry for your loss.


@Jacksteroo For posterity, please also see my reply previous to your question regarding HLY, further up in this forum. We also have AMAs with Hermes and others recorded where we discuss this in detail, and will reveal even more information when we get a chance to speak on video!

Finally, in my initial response I assumed that previous comments were taken into consideration (re: below), and mentioned community moderation since I did not help build HolyGrail. I was a community mod, and grail was the sole anonymous developer/builder of that project.


Hello @LouM! First of all, I am sorry for your loss. Let me address your points in full.

I began my blockchain journey on a multitude of forums including 4chan /biz (not 8chan) in February of 2021. During this time, I posted about many coins for months prior to HolyGrail including FUZZ, IMRTL, HPLAY, etc. I also engaged in hundreds of discussions about Technical Analysis and blockchain in general. I became quite literally known for buying almost every coin early as is my personal investment style. I was/am passionate about Harmony and its many projects.

To supplement this, at the time of writing this, I have 31,383 Transactions since last February, 88 HRC20 tokens, 42 HRC721 tokens, and 17 HRC1155 tokens in my only active 0x wallet since I began trading on Harmony. My wallet address and holdings have been public in multiple formats (MultiSig, Whitepaper, forums, etc) for about 8 months now. As addressed in previous responses and AMAs, I haven’t hidden anything.

Regarding HLY - myself, other volunteer mods, and hundreds of members of the community were manipulated by a very evil person who has been scamming on multiple chains for almost 9 years now - and there is much more to the story that cannot be discussed on this forum. Every mod and project leader buys and sells coins - regardless of the excitement I had for HLY at first, this is blockchain. Myself and others left HolyGrail the second we saw development work cease after release.

The transactions you posted were after most sold months after I was initially excited about HLY, and were at a massive loss. I had previously made money on HolyGrail but actually reinvested most of that and lost almost all of it. I’ve personally not touched $MTOP from a personal investment standpoint and don’t think project leaders should own or swing their own coins. Anything I’ve purchased I’ve sent directly to our Multi-sig Treasury with transaction proof in our Whitepaper.

Regardless of this, I started MtopSwap in mid-February 2022 as a response to being manipulated at HolyGrail and to educate the community and provide tools to help prevent another HLY from happening. Since inception, I have put in 12-14 hours daily, lost many IRL friends and relationships, and sacrificed my financial well-being in the process to fund development of our Proof of Concept thus far. To say we are “pumping and dumping” is not only incorrect, it’s all proven incorrect on-chain. Additionally, to say we “haven’t developed anything” is also patently false. We have several AMAs where 1 of our 2 developers, Hedgehog, have discussed the technicals in detail in addition to several Proof of Concept videos, a detailed Roadmap of future products, and revenue projections.

Additionally, we have and still do welcome Harmony to look at our Github, NFT Mint Smart Contract which is also finished, and try the Proof of Concept where it stands. All 5 MtopSwap team members have agreed to doxx to the Harmony Team (and I have already), and plan on meeting everyone on video calls and hopefully IRL as well. We have nothing to hide and will continue to push for transparency.

Video of Proof of Concept 1:

Video of Proof of Concept 2:

Revenue Projections:

@jbeltran looking forward to answering any additional questions or concerns in great detail on video with Flu!


Very well said, I just want to say that I am so taken aback by the level of support this grant has received as well as to hear all of the kind words from our community members. We’re here to bring a quality product that will help the Harmony ecosystem. I am personally so excited to launch and to further our development alongside this amazing team. Also, 1st comment, 100th comment :wink:


I had not heard of Mtop before this proposal post and frankly still don’t have a great idea about the project or any opinions on how viable it is long term.

But I gotta say- the level of communication and clarity the Mtop Team is providing in the replies is very refreshing to see, especially considering everything that has been going on this forum for a while now.