Naturare DAO - ESG DAO with generative NFTs

Name of Project


Proposal overview

We developed a NFT collection that combines handmade paintings with generative art with a nature theme.

The project is called “naturare” and the first collection will be called “florare”

An internationalist artist drew flowery assets for 33 countries, with 4 variations for each, according to the yearly seasons

They change dynamically, depending on which season the user is seeing the art at. E.g. my japan cherry tree will have a different artwork from January (winter) to July (summer)

We want to build a community around this project with ESG related companies, DAOs and influencers. The DAO will use the Harmony blockchain as a way to orchestrate governance and funding. We will start by deploying in the testnet and test the basic governance functions.

It will have its own DAO with the goal of increasing the reach of ESG related projects, with grants, events, and discussions about the topic. 25% of the proceeds of the NFT launch will go to the DAO’s treasury to support new projects and initiatives around the ESG topic.

The Team

João Henrique Costa

João has been a crypto-native since 2017, worked as a blockchain developer at Criptonomia, one of the most traditional software houses in Brazil in 2019 - 2021, where he met Antônio Hoffert. Is in charge of developing the landing page for Naturare, as well as the generative art code.

Antônio Guarino

Antônio is an economist and the CEO of Criptonomia. He wrote the economic development plan for Minas Gerais — a Brazilian state — and has been involved in the edge of blockchain innovation since 2018. Antônio worked with at the first ever tokenization ever to occur in Brazil (2018), and has the biggest industry applied blockchain app in the world – Hive. Both of these products were developed by his company, Criptonomia.

Izabela Hoffert

Izabela is an internationalist, artist, and flower lover. She designed all 650+ assets for the Florare collection digitally on her iPad, over the course of 3 months. Izabella took the time to study the main flowers for each of the 33 countries. Not only the aesthetics of it, but also, how should everything should be bundled together. There are some flowers that can not be upside down in the generative algorithm, for example. The level of detail and work put in by Izabela is truly outstanding. She was also in charge of designing the landing page, and will work on the next Naturare collections.

Mariana Barroso

Mariana is a social media expert. She will help the team reach notoriety on Instagram and Twitter with engaging posts and content creation. She’s been working with social media for 5+ years now, and is rapidly transitioning into crypto. Mariana will be responsible to spread the Naturare story and mission to the world.

This 4 members are in control of the 2/4 multisg wallet currently living now on Harmony mainnet: 0xa91c3A9d6eeE84DB7b9EC4c1951979Bf5F87E76E

Proposal ask

We are asking for $10k to bootstrap the project launch before the end of the spring (June 21st)

Metrics for success

  • NFTs sold out in less than a week
  • Engaged community with real world applications
  • Worldwide renowned people involved in the community

External links

The landing page is being developed, so as the algorithm to generate the artwork. But for now, I can show you an example of an image that is closed to being finalized: naturare-example - Album on Imgur

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter already. Discord is still being prepared.
Instagram: Login • Instagram

ESG companies on harmony aligns with being inclusive and sustainable. Yes from me! @Biosensei @Mattyontap @lij

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~strong yes from me, Looking foward to see the final result


Another amazing job by Harmony Team member Cristiano Boas and her buddy @littlemoneyboss

Did you even bother to check the twitter?

This surely gets the podium for me!!

@amartay1986 @sick_of_this @saebye

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This is really upsetting since DAO grants are paused.
The project has 0 following, there are metrics on number of NFT’s and their prices? Since metric for success is to sell out NFT’s in one week, let’s see how this plays out. I hope people who approved this will take responsibility.

Furthermore, we are deep in a bear market, do we really think people will rush to buy digital flower pictures, then economy is collapsing ?

I think you are getting confused into assumptions really but I’ll give you more time to do your own research

Why don’t you clear up the air then please

Better for everyone involved, I am sure

I did a bit of more research. Care to tell us about these also?

Crypto Mujeres Proposal For Project Y nft project that didn’t even mention Harmony, the MoneyBoss gang well present. No update after they got the money.

NomadDAO Proposal for Project Y one of the best, 9k to allow people to travel and party. Our beloved Harmony team member and part time MoneyBoss advisor is on board obviously. No update after they got the money

NForesTs - Creating tokens to plant agroforests with local farmers another useless NFT project that didn’t survive your generosity.

Piper DAO proposal for Project Y no update, and more money down the drain. Great job!

Such a great coincidence to see always the same people rooting for projects that simply disappear with the money, isn’t it?
Do you want me to post more proofs of you guys scamming the community?

Please don’t blame this guys. The only culprit is Stephen. Stephen was able to give grants to anyone in two seconds.
He gave the order to give grants without be very cautious. You need to give grants! Give grants. We give you a grant. That’s Stephen Tse.
He destroyed the reputation of Harmony Protocol and the reputation of the community.
You can’t blame people for do the job.
Go to Brazil and give 50 grants.
Metrics for success: give 50 grants.
People give 50 grants…

Don’t need to find culprits in the community. Need to ask explanations to the big boss. Why do you think he doesn’t show his face? Because he know what he did.

You don’t seem so otherwise you would know what is project Y and how it worked ser, with all the respect
Also you would know I’m not team member but contributor recently and I started from the community side. I have become friends with @littlemoneyboss after we meet but we don’t really also work together like you implying there with the “buddy” so there are a couple of things you say that really show no effort into know more.

I’m sure you also heard of project X funding so you could understand this had different metrics and that Can change objectives for funding
If it could have a better post tracking? Absolutely
But I’m pretty sure the team heard it from the community and already took actions on this sense.