New Scheme: $One notes like physical USD Note (but anyone can print)

We all know about the bitcoin ATMs and they are great (but its centralized, cold storage, anti commerce and fees are high).

I would like to see $One be able to be printed by anyone (any printer) and serve as $one physical currency….

Ok how its done, ….but first 1.) how do you increase adoption/circulation and 2.) prohibit counter fitting?

1.) increase adoption/circulation: As that physical $one is used more that physical $One note increases in value. (why because its being used in commerce and the more use (transactions) the greater value that piece of $one paper retains). This $one note would have to circulated a fixed amount of transactions (a maturity) before it could return home to the home blockchain with its increased value (from its experience).

2.) To prohibit counter fitting: When each $One is printed its validated by scanning its QR code from your 1Wallet (giving you psychical ownership). The next transaction does the same and so on. This is decentralized fiat currency. This would create trust. Ownership to next owner (property rights).

Benefits: Deflationary, some wont be able to use the notes because they lack ownership (smart contract). Those would be iced (forever cold storage). Inflation, the more its exchange in the physical domain the more value it gains. These notes could also be buildable. Each note carrying extra “built on” contracts.

This is like a patent worthly idea.

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