Out of Scope: Project Freedom

From the media to the dinner table, debates rage over health care, the environment, entitlements, and education. They beg the question: What kind of society do we want to be? Should we put our trust in free markets, or Big Government?

Today’s bureaucratic and bloated Big Government, is the opposite of a moral force. Instead of assuring fairness, it promotes favoritism. Instead of furthering opportunity, it stifles economic growth. Instead of unleashing innovation and material abundance, its regulations and price controls create rigidity and scarcity.

The only way to a truly fair and moral society, is through economic freedom—free people and free markets. Throughout history, open markets have helped the poor and everyone else by unleashing unprecedented creativity, generating wealth and raising living standards. Promoting trust, generosity and democracy, economic freedom has been a more powerful force for individual rights, self-determination—and humanity—than any government bureaucracy.
Lets create a hole new society through economic freedom - free people and free markets.

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