P2E NFT Game: Knights & Peasants

Great job on the proposal!


Knight&Peasants have a great potential.

Harmony grant would he a great push in right direction.

Keep up the good work!


I’m a sucker for knights and medieval time period in general so this project drew me in, loads of nostalgia from my childhood mixed with crypto? Yes please! Super big bonus that the team seems awesome, attended a few AMA’s and lurk in the discord, so I can say they are very friendly and responsive and listen. Excited to see where the project goes. (little biased post since I own a few knights.)


Here to support the project’s application for the grant. I’ve been in the project since early on and I can say for sure that they have progressed very far with pretty limited resources.

  1. Team might be a little small now, but they are responsive, willing to listen and always on the ground to interact with the community.
  2. They are working consistently in the background. We are seeing regular updates in content, regular notifications of team actions and many other little things that people might take for granted.
  3. They have a roadmap since long ago and they are sticking well to it. This alone needs to be pointed out for the fact that there are teams that get lost in the success they have gotten early on. @Darth_Knight and @Shantastic have simply kept focused.
  4. They are willing to pour resources into game upgrades. Having sold out 5000 NFTs easily, they could have given themselves a bonus easily. Instead, they gave the players the bonus instead by improving on the art in the project. It was totally unnecessary and it was a pleasant surprise to everyone.

I could go on and on but I think the above shows just how much the team cares about the project and it can only be good for Harmony to have such a project have their long term plans on this chain. I hope the decision makes reply favourably to the team’s requests, seeing as how they have proven themselves on so little so far, just imagine how much further they can go with more support.


This looks really amazing :heart_eyes:


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Hey everyone,

Here with an update on one of our completed milestones. In the above proposal we mentioned the art overhaul of the Knight NFT collection as an objective for April and we have succeeded in hitting that milestone. All Knights have had their art changed, as seen on the attached screenshot.

Our next milestone, yield farms, are currently in testing and on track to be delivered in April as well.


This project has an amazing team behind it, one that is well known throughout the harmony community. I personally think whole project they are creating is going to be a huge hit, would love to see harmony support this with a partnership

The discord has been growing, and the community that has been built is amazingly supportive, team is active in chat all day which is above and beyond what Ive seen from some other projects and is super refreshing. The amount of updates and added utilities we’ve received already has been amazing especially on such a short time line, I cannot wait to see what the future holds here for this team, the community, and the project.


Knights&Peasants is really hitting every milestone put infront of them so far im very impressed by their teamwork and development capabilities :grin::clap:

May i ask how the grant review process is coming along as it seems to have stalled unlike K&P who are just powering along and absolutely carrying harmony ecosystem at the moment😉


Hey everyone,

Back with another update. We have successfully finished another milestone, which is the launch of our yield farm!

This brings our milestones for April to:

  • Token Launch
  • NFT emissions
  • Upgradable NFT’s
  • Bank (Single Staking)
  • Voting Platform
  • Native Marketplace
  • Art Revamp
  • Yield Farms

Having a yield farm operational has huge benefits for our ecosystem and is the foundation for some of our upcoming features. It has helped us design a range of additional utility for the upcoming Peasants (this is discussed here: Jobs (Wage Farms) - Knights & Peasants)

Playing into the fantasy of medieval ages, Peasants will be working the fields of the upcoming Wage Farms to earn wage tokens and spend these for items in our ingame economy. Players choosing to do so will participate in DeFi related activities, all whilst having fun doing so.
By having alot of utility for both Knights, AND Peasants, people will be able to participate in our ecosystem in more than one way.
This will lower the barrier to entry to our project and have people learning about crypto and decentralized finance in various ways as opposed to having only one path to take.


Knights and Peasants has done remarkably well in hitting all of its milestones to date, and I support them in their endeavor to receive funding from Harmony.

Keep up the great work!


Knights & Peasants has one of the best communities and a rockstar team. They are really good at delivering the product in a very lean fashion that can be iterated over fast - for example, art revamp. Also, already have a marketplace, staking, NFT progression, farming, and more things coming up. They have 4 rockstar members who have experience building and growing in Harmony. Can’t wait to see all the things coming up next! You have our full support :star_struck:


Hey everyone!

Another update from us: We have just launched our “Wage Farms” feature.

Our wage farms combine GameFi with DeFi. By providing liquidity to our Farm, you unlock the wage farms which are based on the main farm. By being in the wage farms you will be able to earn wage tokens, which is a currency that will be able to be redeemed for ingame items such as potions and food.

By providing another way to engage with our ecosystem than just owning a Knight, we hope to keep lowering the barrier to entry to our Ecosystem. Our upcoming release next week, Peasants, will expand on this and provide even more diversification possibilities!


Hi everyone,

Back with another update. We have launched a whole bunch of features yesterday, which we will outline here and we invite everyone to ask us any questions you might have on this :slight_smile: !


We didn’t name our project Knights AND Peasants without a very good reason! Peasants will be a big part in our ecosystem and the first two Peasants are now available to mint ( in our native $KNIGHT token).

You can stake either the “Farmer” or the “Alchemist” in their respective wage farms and that will have them earn experience and provide a bonus to the wage farm emissions.

The longer a Peasant is staked in the Wage farm, the better they get at their craft, meaning you can eventually level up their profession title: All the way from Novice to Grand Master!

Peasants are an affordable way for new investors to participate in our ecosystem ($17 at the time of writing this) and we hope this will lower the barrier to entry to our ecosystem.

Wage tokens bundling

By providing liquidity in our Farm and activating the Wage farms , people can earn Wage tokens on top of the usual $KNIGHT emissions of our main Farm. These wage tokens are a currency and are used to level up Peasants, or in the future will be redeemable for ingame items such as potions and food.

With yesterday’s update, people can now bundle these Wage tokens into a tradeable NFT. We have updated our own Marketplace to accomodate this and bundles of Wage tokens are already exchanging hands, creating a player driven economy for them.

Marketplace Updates

With the release of Peasant and Coin purse NFT’s, we have updated our native Marketplace to facilitate trading these. All of our current NFT’s are now supported here.

For every category ( Knights, Peasants, Coin Purses), the Marketplace is optimized to sort by their respective filters and has analytics pages to show volume, recent sales, etc.

This has been our biggest update to our ecosystem yet and we are very proud of what we have built so far in the 6 weeks that we are live. We believe that we have created a good foundation in a short period of time and will now be 100% focussed on delivering our questing system, which is our next milestone.

Stay tuned for that and again, we warmly invite everyone to ask us any questions you might have on our project!


Full on voting yes. Proper, capable team pushing out updates at an insane speed!


@papi In addition to Darths update, I’d like to add this quick graphic to explain a Peasants features, and explain that for now, their utility is to be staked in our Wage farms and gamify defi a little bit. In the near future, they will be able to be sent on quests with our Knight NFT’s, to provide boosts in our idle game. Their Professions will also allow them to craft Profession related items, which can also be used within the game to improve things such as quest success chance, or rewards gathered during questing. As well as this, Peasants will eventually be able to be upgraded (using other resources such as items, and potentially $KNIGHT and xWAGE tokens) into Squire NFT’s, which will also have the ability to go on Quests in the same manner as our Knights.

I will be doing a graphic similar to this one soon, to give a simple explanation showing our Game and Ecosystem loop, and will add it as soon as it’s complete :slight_smile:


In my experience with the project, the Knight team has shipped very high quality features quickly with no hiccups and at the same time fostered a phenomenal community. They seem to spare no expense on the quality of artwork, development, and continuing to bring some innovative NFT utilities. I support the investment and remain impressed by the speed in which the team is shipping high quality products. This is one of those native Harmony projects that can be significantly amplified.


Heyo, wanted to pop in here to say that this is one of the more fun projects on H1 to participate in and to see develop, the team is friendly and professional, and they’re doing great work.

On a side note, is there some kind of weird glitch on the platform? I notice i have access to a button called “assign” and “unassign”… clicked it out of curiousity and i immediately unassigned papi? o.o is this a feature? lol

edit: don’t worry i reassigned him back immediately after the mistake xD just wondering if somehow i have permissions i’m not supposed to have


@Shantastic is fantastic. True Harmonaut. Community driven project that I look for to seeing grow!!


How they managed to build such an amazing product with such a small team in so little time and without funding is beyond me. Projekts like this need funding to be able to keep building during Bear markets and support Harmony in the long run. And since they have so much to show already, i believe that this proposal should be accepted. The community clearly wants it to be approved as well.