Project HIM - Harmony Idea Maker

Project HIM - Harmony Idea Maker

Harmony Phase 1(HP1) - 14 Harmony Time Epochs(HTE)

1.1 - Harmony Idea Creator(HIC) submit your Harmony Proposal Idea(HPI) on Harmony Idea Maker(HIM).

1.2 - HPIdea is voted by Harmony Dapps Validators(HDV) based on their quantity of tokens (governance style).

1.3 - If HPIdea reaches 71% approval of HDValidators, it goes to Harmony Phase 2 (HP2).

Harmony Phase 2(HP2) - 7 HTEpochs

2.1 - Minimum required of 3 Harmony Team Developers(HTD) sign up for HPIdea to develop it and set their budgets to transform HPIdea into Harmony Descentralized App(HDA).
2.1.1 - If the minimum of 3 HTDevelopers is not filled, HP2 of HPIdea extends for +7 HTepochs, if it is not filled HPIdea return to HP1.

2.2 - HDValidators vote on which of the HTDevelopers ,HPIdea will be assigned to be transformed into HDapp and Harmony Dapp Funding(HDF) will be created…

2.3 - Harmony Capital Investors(HCI) will be able to finance up to 80% of the total HDFunding value of each HDapp to develop it.

2.4 - Harmony Capital Fundation(HCF) will finance 20% of the total HDFunding value of each HDapp.

2.4.1 - 20% of HDFunding will be released at the beginning of Harmony Phase 3(HP3) for HTDevelopers.
2.4.2 - Each HCInvestor can contribute a maximum of 20% of the HDFunding value of each HDApp, requiring 5 different HCInvestors for each HDFunding.

2.5 - If the HDFunding of HDApp is 100% financed, HPIdea changes to HP3.

Harmony Phase 3(HP3) - 28 HTEpochs

3.1 - HTDevelopers and HICreator initiate the development of HPIdea in HDApp through the Harmony Idea Project(HIP) on the Harmony Test Network(HTN).

3.2 - Harmony Team Beta(HBT), will test, evaluate and make suggestions for improvement and report errors from HIProject and fill out the Harmony Beta Results(HBR) form for each Harmony Time Epochs(HTE).
3.2.1 - HTBeta will evaluate the HIProject at the end of each 7 HTEpochs from 1 to 5 and a suggestion for improvement by Harmony Beta Report(HBR) form.

3.3 - HTDevelopers can request a vote from the HDValidators to extend the deadline explaining the reason using Harmony Project Extension(HPE) form.
3.3.1 - HDValidators check HPExtension and HPResults and vote for the extension of +14 HTEpochs in the development of HIProject through HPExtension.
3.3.2 - If the vote is approved by at least 71% of the HDValidators Enrolled in the HIProject, HDApp receives +14HTEpochs to develop the HIProject.
3.3.3 - If the vote does not reach 71% approval, HIProject will have +3 HTEpochs to re-submit the HPExtension and a new vote will be made by the HPValidators.
3.3.4 - If the vote does not reach 71% approval after the second vote by the HDValidators, HIProject returns to Harmony Phase 2(HP2).
3.3.5 - Voting to extend the HIProject finalization period can be extended according to the HDValidators vote registered in the HIProject if it exceeds 71% of approval.

3.4 - HTDevelopers submits completion of the HIProject through the Harmony Final Project(HFP).
3.5 - If the vote and evaluation of the HDValidators registered in the HIProject is higher than 81% approval in the HFProject, HFProject is approved to become HDApp in Harmony MainNetwork(HMN) and move to Harmony Phase 4(HP4).
3.6 - In case the 80% approval rate is not reached, the HFProject receives +7 HTEpochs to resubmit the HFProject for voting by the HDValidators.

Harmony Phase 4 (HP4) - 28 HTEpochs

4.1 - Start of the HDAPP operation at Harmony Main Network.
4.2 - Distribution of the remaining 80% of HDFunding.
4.3 - HDFunding will be distributed as follows:
→ 20% for HIProject at the beginning of HP3.
→ 20% for HTDevelopers at the beginning of HP4.
→ 20% for HICreator at the beginning of HP4.
→ 10% for HTDevelopers 14 HTEpochs after starting HP4.
→ 10% for HTDevelopers 28 HTEpochs after starting HP4.
→ 10% for HDValidators at the beginning of HP4.
→ 5% for HDValidators 14 HTEpochs after starting HP4.
→ 5% for HTBeta at the beginning of HP4.

4.4 - Harmony Dapp Support(HDS) will support HDUsers via Harmony Discord,Telegram and Twitter Account specifies for HDSupport and scale if necessary for Harmony Dapp Specialist(HDS).

4.5 - HDUsers will be able to report bugs, improvements and suggestions through HDReports and through HDSupport and HDSpecialist.

4.6 - Harmony Capital Emergency created.

4.6.1 - HCEmergency can be used for emergency situations such as theft, robbery or any other form that is classified as an emergency for the proper functioning of t he entire HMN.
4.6.2 - HCEmergency can be submitted through HDEspecialist and voted for approval by HDValidators.

4.6.3 - HCEmergency will need to have 91% approval of HDValidators to be used.

4.7 - Harmony Dapp HODL(HDH) will receive all values of transactions made by HDClients and 5% of the total transaction made by HDService.
4.7.1 - HDHodl will retain the transaction values until the transaction is confirmed by both HDClients and HDService.
4.7.2 - If Transaction is not confirmed by HDClients and HDService, HDHodl will refund the values and 5% of the HDClients transaction value, and the 5% deposited by the HDService.

4.8 - After confirmation of the transaction by HDClients and HDService , HDHodl will transfer the costs of the product or operation to HDService and the profit from the transaction and transactions not completed to HDProfit.

4.9 - HDApp moves to HP5.

Harmony Phase 5 (HP5) - 42 HTEpochs

5.1 - HTDevelopers will support HDApp during 42 HTEpochs

5.2 - HTDvelopers will make upgrades and improvements to the HDApp as HDReports of HDUsers, HDClients, HDServices,HDSupport and HDEspecialist, and apply updates if necessary.

5.3 - HDValidators will check if HDReports are being corrected and updated every 7 HTEpochs.
5.3.1 - If the HDValidators votes are 71% positive after checking the HDReports application by HTDevelopers HDApp move to HP6.
5.3.2 - If votes from HDvalidators are less than 71% positive, HTDevelopers will be scalated through HDEspecialists.

Harmony Phase 6 (HP6) - 42 HTEpochs

6.1 - HTDevelopers will verify HDReports and apply corrections and updates every 28 HTEpochs if necessary.

6.2 - HDSupport and HDEspecialist continue to work with HDApps providing the necessary support for the smooth operation of HDApps on HMNetwork.

6.3 - HTDeveloSpers will provide full support for HDEspecialist of your HDApps.

6.4 - Distribution of the Harmony Dapp Profits(HDP) of the HDApps will be made after starting HP4.

6.5 - HDProfits distribution will be given as follows:

4% → HDSupport
6% → HDEpecialist
18% → HTDevelopers
0.3% → HDUsers.
2% → HTBeta
6% → HDValidaStors
11% → HDInvestors
5% ->HCFundation
0.7% ->HIMaker
3% ->HCEmergency
2% ->HDClients
12% ->HICreator

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