Slavic DAO

I think it is quite clear that you did not read the whole proposal but just the name of it :slight_smile: They want to focus on Czech and Slovakia which are brotherhood countries since the beginning and build DAO on the existing community.

In later stage, I think it could get bigger and speak to all Slavs and be the first SLAV crypto community. Why not? In this wartime we need to have all slavs to be in Harmony :slight_smile:

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Damien, I can assure you, that I read the entirety of their proposal very, very carefully.

I am trying to give constructive feedback. And the purpose of having this topic posted to a public form is to do exactly that: offer a safe space for polite and respectful people to offer constructive feedback.

I do understand the proposer wants to focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but let’s begin with that as a humble milestone first.

Let me offer the solution that the team should name themselves the Czech Republic and Slovakia DAO – and if they scale, then other DAOs of other Slavic-speeaking countries can also work with them. That would accomplish a similar mission – which is to add a tool, through DAOs, so different communities can collaborate together and build Harmony.

As for the name; I think names matter. I can say that others who are from Slavic speaking countries may be afraid to propose their own national-DAO if there’s already a group of people running around with the banner of “Slavic” – which smacks of an all-encompassing "Slavic” identity.

And, as you said, this “Slavic DAO,” is focused on just 2 countries of 12-13 countries that are Slavic-speaking. So, let us ask the proposers to change it so it is just for 2 out of those 12-13 Slavic-speaking countries.

As for your comment that: “wartime,” we need "all Slavs to be in Harmony ‘’; I would rather we refrain from politics or any attempt to politicize the ethnic/linguistic nature of this proposal. We should not aggrandize a war and hijack the consequences of it, and then use it to justify the creation of a DAO.

Overall, names do matter; and ‘Slavic DAO’ is too much a catch-all term or title. There are 315 million Slavic speakers – and each of them have their own identities and cultures, dialects, and politics. So, let’s focus on creating smaller DAOs before we go up in scale to much larger regional DAOS.

thank you Georgoe, for your thoughtful feedback. Surely you seem like a linguistic and ethnic expert , happy to have you here. And you are exactly right! There can be so many different reasons why to divide people why not create a community which tries to unite cross border and decentralize. As you see current happening it is so easy to find differences, reasons why not to like each other …etc. which is sad…
Slavic DOA never mentioned representing a whole group of Slavic countries, rather create a body to communicate, share ideas, meetup (online or in-person), organize hackathons (and hopefully help with cost with people from these counties) to support each other, and have fun.
of course, local DAO for each country can be created, this is not restricted. :v:
Meetups will be probably mostly in English as this is a neutral language.
hope this makes sense and happy to see you at some meetup or hackathons!

Thanks for your comment Maria.

However, some of the points I brought up have not been addressed yet in your reply.

This is the key issue: wouldn’t it be better for Harmony to start with a more humble objective and succeed in a targeted region-specific DAO and then scale from there?

Here’s some constructive feedback to address issues in the proposal:

You wrote the proposed “Slavic DAO,” is “not representing the whole group of Slavic countries,” and “local DAO for each country can be created,” but why name it “Slavic DAO” without any roadmap on how to scale this DAO to represent 300+ million people? Even in the original proposal it says, ”How Slovakia and Czech Republic fits into Harmony DAO” … so clearly your roadmap begins with two countries already. Why not call it “Slovakia and Czech Republic DAO”? Why not focus on those two countries first? Or, create a Central Europe Slavic DAO – because that is essentially a region covering those two countries. This is especially true when we consider how the majority of the governors in this proposal are from the “Bitcoach” community – governors primarily based in those two countries.

In contrast, the Africa DAO has a roadmap on how to work with communities across the African continent.

Please note that the Africa DAO’s successful proposal:
[ Proposal for the preview, amendment or ratification of a Proposed Charter for Africa DAO ]

The Africa DAO’s charter is very clear it is a DAO to support people wanting to connect and collaborate across Africa. This is because Africa has lot of communities in crypto already; so the objective is offering “outreach” to these communities or organize Harmony supporters based in Africa to go to big events in specific African countries like Kenya or Nigeria.

And please also consider this quote from the Africa DAO’s original proposal:

Harmony’s Africa DAO mandate is to organically reinforce the Harmony African ecosystem, making it a key player on the African continent. Over time, the Harmony Africa DAO could even become redundant, having given way to multiple self-sustainable DAOs over Africa. In other words, Harmony’s Africa DAO will boost Harmony’s African ecosystem as it reaches cruising altitude.”

I want to emphasize the Africa DAO’s original proposal is to be a regional DAO starting with the intention to become redundant. Therefore, the Africa DAO’s objective is to support smaller nation-specific DAOs. And to reiterate, the Africa DAO has a roadmap and diverse team of governors to do this.

And I should also add that Africa is a region. It is an actual continental region. When people go on to create a Nigeria DAO, or a Kenya DAO, it is very, very, obvious even without reading the Africa DAO charter that the Africa DAO’s objective is to connect different communities together. Anyone creating a Nigeria DAO will be very much aware of that too. The Africa DAO becomes an accelerator in outreach to enable these smaller DAOs to grow. The Africa DAO’s proposal has a remarkable sense of understanding regarding the sensitivities, both linguistic and ethnic, for a very diverse region like Africa.

Sorry to repeat myself but unfortunately, much of what has been argued in replies shows how poorly thought-out the original proposal for “Slavic DAO” currently is. Because, the original proposal fails to offer any roadmap that IF other DAOs are created on a nation-specific level, how Slavic DAO would interact with them. I think specifics are definitely warranted here.

Going back to what you said, “Slavic countries’’ countries “do not like” each other and that is “sad”; I have not said that Slavic countries do not like each other. I am, however, saying let us move away from a blanket term for an ethnic/linguistic term covering 300 million+ people. This is a term, “Slavic” denoting very different languages, of people who live in very distinct parts of Europe.

And, I think the Harmony community would benefit if there was see evidence that someone in Croatia, Slovenia, or Serbia, would feel comfortable being part of a “Slavic DAO”. Why not find some governors from those countries to add in your proposal? Most likely, people from communities like Croatia would feel more comfortable in a “Balkans DAO” or a “West Balkans DAO”. Considering if that is the case, why not laser focus your DAO on a smaller region instead, i.e. like creating a Central Europe Slavic DAO?

Also, one of your commenters also said “Slavic DAO” is a title; and that “It is just a title,” and tried to brush off the issue of why it needs to target such a large area. But, I ask you to consider the above points I have made.

And then, you made the argument that the “Slavic DAO”, “…is the easiest way to “communicate, share ideas, meetup”; so I ask again, why not start with a smaller, sub-regional DAO? That is, unless you can offer a roadmap where these ideas can be transmitted across the “Slavic region” and incubate smaller “Slavic” DAOs as well.

I would point you again to the Africa DAO’s proposal. The reason why the Africa DAO’s proposal is well-thought is because the Africa DAO governors are very aware of the existing set of communities they’re working with. In contrast, the Slavic DAO is starting with the governors coming from Bitcoach and from only two countries out of 13 countries that could be considered “Slavic”. No other “Slavic” community were listed in the original proposal in-regards to creating a regional team of governors representing different parts of said “Slavic” community.

Hey George,
Steve from one of the founders here. Happy you showed such a deep interest in Slavic DAO, but not sure why in such a negative tone? Do you feel offended in some way? It would be great to know from which country you are from because we are happy to collaborate with other DAOs like we already started with Bridge Builders or Virtue DAO. We are open and happy to cooperate with other regional DAOs which show interest and share similar values. This is also specifically mentioned in the proposal.

Now to some of your points, at least for those highlighted as there were quite many :slight_smile:

“This is the key issue: wouldn’t it be better for Harmony to start with a more humble objective and succeed in a targeted region-specific DAO and then scale from there?”

  • how Slavic DAO was formed is described above (see the post from erwe in the comments). There you might be able to understand the genesis and yet a challenging vision to unite Slavs in Harmony. however, we decided to try anyway. And we are pleasantly surprised and joyful by the positive feedback received so far. We have followers and members from Slavic countries like Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia just to name a few, but also from Portugal, and the USA which support the idea and community. Let’s say that 98% of the people come with positive comments and encouragement. (one quote as an example “There are many Ukrainians currently relocated to EU and a lot of them are potentially great developers, artists and community managers who with some guidance and support could be a great addition to our common goal → decentralized and fair web :v:”)

Target SK/CZ would be too easy my friend, uniting Slavs is a challenge. We are planning to do a poll to see how many members there are from which country to have specific numbers. Our members would love to help with hosting hackathons and bringing all Slavic communities closer together in those difficult times. This is just some of the feedback we have received.

“the majority of the governors in this proposal are from the “Bitcoach” community – governors primarily based in those two countries.”

  • Bitcoach played a key role in forming Slavic DAO so it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? I was not part of Bitcoach, yet I am here and we have another supportive governor from Ukraine. Governors are voted for 3 months, then there is a new vote, it is not for life, communities evolve

“the Africa DAO has a roadmap on how to work with communities across the African continent.”

  • we love and fully support Africa DAO, I personally met some great people during ETHDenver this year, a truly inspiring project. As you said you read the proposal you are aware we want to promote Harmony and attend/ organize meetups, and hackathons - this can be in Prague/Bratislava in the beginning and then later also in different countries based on the community. For instance, if there are more people from Poland in 3 months, Krakow could be a feasible option to organize an event. If we establish good cooperation with the other slav countries’ local crypto community, we may organize events there. Additionally, more detailed info regarding the proposal, roadmap, and other plans are coming soon.

Hey guys!

Time to vote! Our very first DAO proposal is here! And it is concerned nothing less than choosing our governors for first three months!
Please, choose up to 9 governors and cast your vote!

Thanks for your reply Steve. I think you kind of ignored the main question I asked which is why not include all of these answers into your roadmap (which the proposal currently lack). You mentioned, “Target SK/CZ would be too easy my friend, uniting Slavs is a challenge,” I would like to see an actual roadmap for this. Again, your original proposal lacks one. Answers regarding this are usually off-the-cuff replies related to, ‘we’ll find places in the future to build with’.

From my understanding, you have 1 Governor from Ukraine. If it is a question of scaling it, then why not have 3 or 4 of the governors from other countries as well? Bulgaria? Serbia? Croatia? Slovenia? even Russia. After all, Russia is the largest Slavic-speaking country by population.

If what you wrote is true that you have supporters in these countries, then I recommend asking them to be governors. Otherwise, it is essentially a Czech Republic and Slovakia DAO. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think that humbler objectives usually lead to greater, more sustainable, organizational growth.

You also wrote, " For instance, if there are more people from Poland in 3 months, Krakow could be a feasible option to organize an event. If we establish good cooperation with the other slav countries’ local crypto community, we may organize events there."
The question should be answered in your roadmap.

What is your plan to use the funding being provided by Harmony to scale to 12+ Slavic countries? What other communities are you currently in-contact with to scale this DAO to represent 300+ million people into these 12+ Slavic countries. After all, if you read the Africa DAO proposal, they explain very carefully their network objectives, “to make the Africa DAO redundant” by "supporting other national DAOs build’. Is this similar to your network objective of the CZ/SK-based team for the “Slavic DAO”?

Kind of makes sense, im Czech neighbour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thats why im asking…


Hi George,

regarding our proposal - there are updates we are working on right now, even if this is more longer vision, we will implement it in our updated version. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Regarding governors - we are building connections with people from other countries as we go. Our team members are participating on various hackatons and conferences, building connections day by day and building consciousness about Slavic DAO. Once we get to know more people from other countries and communities, we will encourage them to apply as governors when there will be next election period.

Regarding our future plans, as there was mentioned possible hackaton in Poland repeatedly, it is nothing yet set in stone, now it is just and idea and I don’t really see any need to have it right now in our roadmap. This is ongoing process. Our DAO is still evolving, we are brainstorming with our member core on a regular basis, how to make Slavic DAO greater and we really like your interest in it. Would be great, if you could maybe share some of your ideas as well, how we can tackle it?

I see that you got some really good insights, it is such a shame you did not volunteer to become governor of our DAO. Anyway, if you got any good proposal, feel free to write it down to our snaphsot and we can cast a vote to it :slight_smile:

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Oh cool, where are you from exactly? Slovakia or Poland? :slight_smile:

I was off for few days and I can see that it got pretty wild in here :slight_smile:
Hopefully @Maria will continue with contribution after such wild ride here. @GeorgeofEmmaInterest you could be a little bit more emphatic, especially when its women related… there are not enough women in this space, we wanna keep them close. Nevertheless I did read all of your objections and also replies by other members. And I can just say, that @erwe finalised it well and I believe, that in our upcoming proposal update some of your questions will be clarified. Some of them will not be, cause it is not possible to define it clearly now. Anyway thank you for inputs and thanks everyone for the effort. Constructive critic is always good, if executed correctly

We have reviewed and adjusted our proposal and below are updates based on requirements @frwrdslosh
Looking forward for your feedback.

Proposal ask

Slavic DAO is seeking in the first phase $50.000 in funding, the resources will be channeled to below activities. We would like to appoint, that the budget is not final and it is open for extension and additional funding based on the progress and other planned activities. All expenses estimations will be detailed, justified and presented in advance. Focus will be on activities serving to expand the Harmony Protocol visibility and support new communities of Developers, Validators and DAO’ in the regions.

After establishing communities starting in Czech and Slovak, we plan to hold a DAO voting to elect 8 governors. Every governor will be elected for a period of 3 months. There will be a possibility to be re-elected by DAO voting. There will be specific targets set for governors to be met during the election period. These targets will be set before the election. They will be mainly focused on community growth by various channels, such as growing local Telegram group, Discord, Twitter, writing articles about projects launched on Harmony protocol, organizing local meet ups, online calls, establishing local nodes etc.

Harmony governors scheme:

  • Initial physical meet-up of all governors to draft way of work
  • Scheduled regular weekly calls to keep workload on track
  • Governors will hold mentor position for particular future DAO’s working groups
  • Governors will decide to recruit additional workforce to keep-up with workload
  • Governors will review all publicly shared documents about Harmony ecosystem
  • Governors will be voting about each DAO’s decision

How Slavic Countries fit into Harmony DAO & how we’re gonna approach them.

Slavic DAO can eventually become the moving body for connecting crypto people in Slavic countries.
We have established local connections with groups of crypto active people in this region through the lifetime of Bitcoach.
In upcoming months, after the delivery of first milestones, our roadmap and next plans (those will take place in voting and in consideration by Harmony One representatives) will be considered according to needs of other Slavic countries representatives in Slavic DAO and according to active DAO members, who will in the end create a future for Slavic DAO.
There are many options for cooperation and yet, none of Slavic countries have joined their forces and united in order to become a significant player in the crypto field, that has reach on majority of event organizers, or has the capability to reach most of the builders and crypto enthusiasts in this region. We believe Slavic DAO can become such a movement and in order to fulfill this vision, we are searching for people sharing similar goals and beliefs, let’s join us on this journey, even if you are not Slavic!


Our first governors election just passed!
You can see the results and our governors on our snapshot !

Congratulations to myself, @rendolf , @Steve , @misty , @medocons , Mkx, Ludek, Martin and Jane!

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Well, I like the network objectives in this revised proposal. Well done! Good to see the long-term approach is in there now.


Thank you George! If you are planning to visit UTXO or ETH Prague, we can have a chat! :slight_smile:

Our first governors election been sucesfull! Below you can find overview of our governors, together with their wallet address.

5 of 9 Multisig wallet was created as well, all our governors were invited to private telegram group to be able to communicate more closely.
Multisig wallet address is 0x56B1C8579C0B1469024C2A3B7C57D7c964eF9A7A. Overview of all safe owners is shown below.

QR Slavic dao multisig

@frwrdslosh DMed you as well :slight_smile:

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Very well done!!!

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Hello guys,

Wishing everyone happy Ester holiday!
Please, could you take a look at our updated proposal? It is down below in our thread.
So far, we’ve defined our milestones, prepared detailed budgeting, organised first slavic dao meetup and meanwhile participated on events in Barcelona, Dubai and Prague, had our first governor voting and did set up multisig wallet :slightly_smiling_face:
We are now about to visit ETH Amsterdam, will participate and have a speech at UTXO in Prague, as well we are working on our website and looking forward to hearing out any feedback from the Harmony team.

As there is Prague blockchain week coming really soon, there will be hackathon and we need to take an action. Therefore we need your confirmation, or advice in the ask for any possible change. As we fulfilled all that was asked from @frwrdslosh, before reciving a grant, we would like to set up a call with someone from core harmony so we can discuss next steps, operational stuff and avoid any potential mistakes thanks to others best practices :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks

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met 2 guys behind the proposal yesterday at harmony meeting in amsterdam

they were amazing with a strong vision on success for the regional dao

btw, i would recommend to post an updated proposal as a new topic (@rendolf) that we can working towards the approval, and i think you should be focusing on a specific area/country - Slovakia

cc @frwrdslosh

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I agree with @nickv

Focusing on a specific area/country initially would benefit the region as well as the DAO members.