Sooner or later, rewards must be locked

I think we all know this is going to have to happen, sooner or later. Now that validators have stabilized, and the network has stabilized a bit, having such a lower barrier to exit for claiming rewards is going to be problematic moving forward.

Why? for the simple reason that short term speculators can stake at virtually no cost: when the token pumps, theyll be able to undelegate in less than 36 hours, and then sell. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if harmony pumps to 100 sats, that over half the currently staked tokens, unstake, and leaving the network unstable and vulnerable.

It’s simply too volatile a situation, and so, in combination with previous proposals, I think the following would be a simple solution:

  1. increase rewards to make it worth it to stake (50% or more per year)
  2. LOCK the rewards for 6+ months, to FORCE commitment to the network
  3. create some sort of delegation penalty to incentivize anyone who CAN run a node, TO run a node
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