The nasdaq for DAO's

Dao’s will exist as publicly traded companies and will trade their own assets as shares on the network.

But no one is keeping track of these DAO’s Success. Why not create the next “DAO Market Cap”?

The nasdaq of dao’s…

Hell, call it NasDao! … HA!!!

Dao’s will become incresingly more popular, as they continue to bring more value to the public, depending on who’s governing the DAO and the voters participating in their propositions. But, as they continue to create real change for companies, communities or governments abroad, this idea alone can radically change the way we understand DAO’s, along with their importance in the entire space of defi ideas.

  • DefenderDAO is working on building out this projects scope. A DAO that attempts to build secure tools and applications for Harmony’s Ecosystem of DAO’s.

The criteria DAO’s would have to have is a token that is allocated to the DAO’s value; think of this as the share of the DAO. Where ever these shares will live, will be benchmarked in this NasDao for the public to see, similar to any other token index. But, the value proposition for analyzing such data would be incredible, and can possible change the publics view on how to invest with various consortiums.

If this an idea worth exploring, Bridge Builders has many other ideas we’d like to explore as well. So you can join our telegram if you are a creative looking to innovate this space. See you on the other side.



Dylan Kawalec.

Shameless Shoutout,
Founder of Chaotic Beauty - Decentralized Brand Holdings Company.
DefenderDAO, Alexandria DAO, , Creative Innovators Group, Bridge Builder Fellowship