Times be tough, selling my stuff. Up for sale 1 whiteWhale NFC

title: whiteWhale
circa: 10/2021

Link - whiteWhale NFC

whiteWhale is a Non-Fungible Contract written in Vyper. This tech is ancient in crypto terms so hit refresh on the page if the owner and last price paid doesn’t show up after a few seconds.

I have enjoyed owning it for a while now but it’s time to sell. Anything greater than or equal to 2 ONE will take it.

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@eddnorris @harmony_dev_dao @dev_captains Kenny is dropping bargains.

Thank you to the new owner 0x08c4596B157EafAE5EC4E0fE629005Bab2a10C3D, please take good care of it. :+1: