TL;DR Template as the first Place holder for any topic

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*Discussion Topic: < A restatement of the topic > *

Reference(s): < A link(s) to the original thread or multiple threads that discuss the Topic >


Cons: < General Cons Made by the contributors>

Summary: < A Summary of all the main points or key pieces of the discussion thread >

Poll <An optional poll that will help gauge interest on the topic to see if there is support for it before creating a HIP.

  • I would support this
  • I would not support this
  • I would support this if I had more information
  • I would never support this

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The idea here is to help the lazy, I mean time-constrained folks get through the long threads in a quicker fashion. As they say, time is money. Time is something we don’t get back, so if there is a way to aid people to get involved and get the meat of any discussion, they are able to better evaluate the discussion topic in an efficient manner.

Just an idea to help those of us who don’t have much time to get caught up. This could be second thread for the discussion with the same TOPIC, but with a TL;DR at the front for the original poster to track all the points made through the discussion that is relevant. The reference(s) section help those that have the time, to know where to go for the original discussion.

Any criticism is appreciated.