Troublesome throwback to the fifties with Tradwifes and the lack of perceptiveness by a part of the harmony community

I tried to make this a direct forumpost many, many times but got flagged and put under review for some reason. So please read the mediumlink below:


Tactical misogynie to attract the degens – or a confused worldview. Doesn’t matter. Crypto frontend already lives in the 90s, let’s not push the concepts and ideas back to the 50s.

Glad you spoke up.

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I think Bobbie summed up it pretty well and I think everyone with common sense agrees on those lines.

About the project: While I like dank humour this is clearly over the line and its also clear that nft project quality hit all time low. What will be next? Disabled children NFT collection?

I hope the “partner” projects realize what are they getting involved and (hopefully sooner than later) stop giving platform to these trash projects.

Unfortunately most projects represented in this series were not consulted prior the the launch or even at all