Validator DAO Council Candidate: StrongMindsHold

I am officially entering my nomination for a seat on the Initial Council. I believe the Validator DAO will be a catalyst to carry decentralization forward for Harmony, and I want to be part of that initiative.

I currently serve the community as a moderator for both the official Harmony Telegram chat and official Harmony Reddit sub. Due to the nature of these 2 positions, I spend many hours a day helping members.
I firmly believe no one puts the time I do into directly helping ONE’s community.

I have ran my validator program with an emphasis on transparency and integrity. As far as I’m aware, I’m the only validator who has a chatroom for their delegators. I maintain constant contact with my delegators; this has created an atmosphere of trust and loyalty that I believe are key to community success.

I am retired and this gives me the ability to fully focus on serving the Harmony community. I am always available and enjoy doing my part to propel ONE into success. If voted into the council, I will bring the same energy and passion to the DAO.

“Always transparent and always accessible”



This Harmony loyalist has my vote. Countless times iv needed help and hes gone above and beyond to help me and the community. I know he has the passion, honesty, and patience as well. I know I can always get ahold of him and he gives us confidence too. Big things come from small places some times and that’s a hidden advantage. :trophy:


StrongMinds is definitely the right person to be elected. Not only fully dedicated and very helpful ( he even sent me One to help me solve a claiming reward issue ), but also a very nice and transparent person. Definitely the Face we want to have at Council. He would bring a lot.
Good luck. You’ve got my vote


Wishing you the best of luck! Definitely one of the most helpful validators I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks again for all the help getting me set up on staking and for answering all of the questions that this noob had. Cheers!


StrongMindsHold is already an icon, their efforts on Reddit in particular are what make me believe that giving SMH a seat on the Council would be a great move. From day one, I have been impressed by how helpful the Harmony community is and StrongMindsHold really is the poster boy for this great community.