Welcome to Harmony! Introduce yourself and share your Linkedin / Twitter / Github profiles. Tell us what you are building – it can lead to a partnership!


What decentralized applications are you building and scaling?


Harmony scales to tens of thousands of nodes with full sharding of computation, states and communication. Inspired by Omniledger and Rapidchain, our approach incorporates staked voting and secure randomness for a modern scalable architecture.


Consensus is the core of any blockchain. Harmony integrates an efficient consensus protocol that combines POS with practical Byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT).


If you’ve been thinking a lot about networking, like some of our team members, check out our recent open-source contribution — Libunison, an end-ton-end (E2E) / peer-to-peer (P2P) networking library to support highly scalable and performant blockchain networks.

Smart Contracts

We will discuss latest ideas about deploying smart contracts in a high throughput, low latency environment and within a sharded blockchain architecture.


Development is where we can discuss the core Harmony infrastructure including our Devnet / Testnet and other important tools and libraries.


This is the broad category to be populated with all economics related topics.
> Validator rewards
> Slashing conditions