Change Minimum Commission Rate

  1. The 5% gap already exists though. If there is an incentive to leave larger validators, then that incentive already exists and was approved with support from larger validators already. Maintaining the 5% gap wouldn’t change that incentive. But reducing that gap would certainly change the incentive in the other direction

  2. I agree that validators should be able to charge whatever fee they want. But that means they should be able to charge 100% or 0% if that’s what they choose for their model. I don’t think the VDAO is being consistent in saying “no max fee” but “yes min fee”. Why are we forcing a minimum fee but not forcing a maximum fee?

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The only thing I would like to see with this if it is implemented is to make sure there’s a buffer for validators who are about to go from 0% to the mandatory 5%. It wouldn’t be fair to those validator’s delegators to go from 0% to 5% and then to 7% like 3 epochs later when this goes into effect. Epoch buffer could be whatever everyone thinks is best but I think it should be at least 30 epochs.