Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan

@Daaviis , from a community member to another, I have seen on another post that the official stance for the moment is:

‘‘due to current market conditions, Harmony grants and investments are on hold. This includes milestone payouts for existing grants. We will keep you posted if the situation changes’’

This is obviously not surprising with the current situation, the best decisions need to be made going forward and I completely agree that they need to take time to evaluate and readjust. The team is pedal to the metal right now and there is a long list of people that need addressing hence why you probably haven’t received a direct reply yet.


Hi Lauram, I’m just trying to help out here as I know the core team is extremely busy, I think the difference between Harmony and other fast and cheap blockchains is the fact that Harmony is battle-tested. Other chains can be fast and cheap, but are they scalable, truly.

I had some interesting conversations with core team members in an AMA a while ago to discuss the network. So far the majority of traffic has been running on a few shards alone. In the future Harmony even have the option to offer complete shards to large projects if necessary. I’m really not a tech expert, but I understand harmony is an absolute powerhouse with its tech and potential.

Here’s the AMA about the network if you want to check it out: 2022 April 08th - Harmony Community DAO Twitter Space - Harmony Core Team AMA - YouTube Please keep in mind that this was back in April and the team has made further advancements since then, but some great conversation here about the way Harmony works.


Couldn’t agree with this more! :clap:


The original post has been updated to reflect a new way to resume our grants program for existing approved grantees. Please read the new update and we hope you find this helpful.

Direct link to the update.


It is great to see Harmony respond to community feedback and re-assess their initial position! :slightly_smiling_face: One caveat in the update I wanted to get clarification on was regarding the six month window from grant approval. Our project (Strudel DAO) received a grant, but we didn’t initially start development, nor was that the plan.

We’ve recently completed our trustless bridge, and it appears we’re in a bit of a gray area here… This was also changed well after we already received our grant, so I’m hoping that this caveat applies to grant approvals moving forward.


Hello. I am glad for new initiatives, it’s great that you are looking for a way out of such a difficult situation. :blue_heart:

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@dpagan-harmony sounds like you guys could use some support, check your TG.

I think the changes are a great thing for the community, developers, and the Harmony project as a whole. This is the right thing to do and I commend the team for finally realizing what kind of damage they were about to do. Good job folks! I think you will find a much needed increased faith in the team from the developer community.


Hey there! Was just curious as to how we should be expecting communication? Thanks.


I would like to know what plan Harmony has for DAOs that has not been approved so far. I think the point of difference from the other Harmony blockchains was the ambition to create 10,000 DAOs, there must be another way, even if you don’t have funding right now, to continue to help create those DAOs. But they would have to publish a clear project for it and promote it as much as possible. You can ask the community for help, we are together to lift the chain if it is going through bad times, but you also have to do your part, starting by being more active in the community, more transparency, more communication, keeping your words and greater harmony. @lij

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Hi y’all

We appreciated Harmony’s Team effort to overcome this difficult time and we will continue working with the team and developing new solutions that facility Harmony’s developer experience.

Thank you,

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Bad choice… they are doing bad things in the dark. They are putting efforts in…

Hey guys

Any news about the program?

Since there has no been updates here there is a kindly suggestion… Or suggestions

Q3 (at least what’s left)
-Focus in transparency & communication
-Propose several proposals to restore the bridges & obtain peg again
-Voting & implementation of proposals

-Focus in projects who decided to stay supporting Harmony (forget NFT’s)
-Continue communication and improve transparency (I’m not talking just the weekly videos, or shilling tweets, we need no know what is being done behind the scenery)
-Present plan for 2023 :clap: