[staking strategy] Quick Guide On Return Optimization

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So since we are kick starting a delegation contest, I thought I would write some quick notes and pointers for all delegators here to read. Feel free to comment and answer to that thread your own strategy and ideas on how to maximize your own APR.

Looking at the highest APR may be a very lucrative strategy but can also be very dangerous. What you need to understand here is that validator total stake is governed by the EPOS rules. The EPOS total stake will be bounded by 0.85 x median-stake and 1.15 median stake. So it means if median-stake is currently at 1M ONEs, a validator with 10K and elected would have an EPOS (effective) stake of 850k. (so you can see here the high APR already). However, validator are going through an election process every epoch and only the x highest bid will be elected. So it means if you are going for highest APR you may not earn if the validator is not elected the next round.

here are other important validator criteria to look at when doing your choice:

  • Uptime tell you how many block reward the validator managed to sign
  • total stake is the total delegation and validator self-delegation, reward earned by the validator will be split equally based on their share. In a validator with 2 delegation (yours with 10 ONE, and the self-delegation validator of 90ONE), if the block reward share is 10 ONE, you will be receiving the reward accordingly to the share (you 1, the self-delegator 9)
  • fee and Max Fee Change
    • fee is the validator cut of the reward you are earning, so with 10% fee of your previous reward of 1 ONE, the validator will charge you 0.1 ONE)
    • Max Fee Change: is the maximum fee the validator can increase or decrease in a given epoch (in mainnet it is 1.5 days but for this current testnet it is around 5 min), so if the validator has a max change fee of 100%, he can at any point of time start taking your entire reward for himself. The fee takes effect at epoch change.

Hope that helps some of you who are currently trying to identify which validator to delegate your ONE :slight_smile:

Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any comments or other points to add :slight_smile:

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Very interesting, thank you for this complete guide! I immediately started wondering about making a neural network based auto-delegator bot in the future.

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For me what works was to delegate everything to one validator which had a high APR and some delegation already. I tried to shared to multiple validator with high APR, however the issue was that they had a total stake too low and as mentioned in the above guide, the validator became “not elected” so delegating to only 1 helped to keep the validator elected.

In the validator page I also looked at the list of the delegators :

as it would help you all to identify your share of the reward the validator is earning.

Also it seems that this not beneficial at all to stake with the highest bidder currently : https://staking.harmony.one/validators/one1mga8zzgyze6gtksxv8kwrej0e7mxt5tle6a0jd my share of the reward would be very small compared to the current validator I am currently with.


The difference between the delegate on validator rate at the ankr node and the manual node is very much different. ankr node has less rate.

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Can a validator modify the commission as many times as he wants without notifying delegators?

Make sure it looks for low comission, good uptime and effective stake range. (good, nice, cheap!!)

There is no notification feature currently and some community member are up to the task for that. A validator can change the fees as many time as he wants as long as it doesn’t go above the max fee change during a given epoch. Also, note that the new fee will be valid only at epoch change.

can you provide some facts and example on what you are suggesting ? thanks

Yes sure sir. I’m doing some experiments about it. hopefully I can get it fast.

unfortunately still don’t have enough stake to be elected and not enough funds to selfdelegate to be elected


just selfdelegated 10000 to my one1jtq979pugs6484mpyz5ahvjgzcvv02sdclhg2n address using the cli commands and it worked great. now checking if I can delegate to someone else

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Hey :wave:… Join @PangaeaVolunteers channel on telegram and we will send/delegate tokens to you, thank you :+1:

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Thanks for the post. You broadened my knowledge on APR. This explains why I got 0 tokens from someone who was elected.


I missing this useful explained. Thank you. :heart:

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