0xshadow: Backstage of VoldemArt

Hello everyone, I felt the need to write this post because of the accusations made against me, please read it carefully and reply for the details you are curious about.

Let’s get a general summary from the beginning,

The VoldemArt NFT Marketplace project was approved by the Harmony team on September 21, 2021, and work began as a result. The team consisted of me, Mad, and Goliath. In accordance with the Launch guide, we started working for the testnet in the first place and since we did not have any budget, I developed the testnet in this 2-month period as the only software developer, and as a result of these efforts, we were entitled to receive the testnet grant on December 21, 2021. I was working for a company in the first month of the 2-month period and because VoldemArt was progressing slowly, I resigned at the end of November and focused on the project full time in December.

Anyone who is involved with the software development discipline knows that in order to develop large projects robustly and reliably, people with different skills need to be on the team. Since the testnet was developed only by me, it was not suitable and safe to be developed into the mainnet, so I said that the platform should be developed from the beginning and we need new people in the team and I opened a job posting for frontend developer. Since I was the only technical person in the team , I was handling everything from human resources to interviews, trial processes to recruitment, software development planning processes to team management, and I was also doing developments on the backend and blockchain side.

As of December 21, 2021, I reviewed the candidates and after 2 weeks of recruitment, I found a suitable developer. On January 17, 2022, we started to develop the project from scratch and more solidly. Not a single line of code was taken from the old testnet project and development processes continued until February 24, 2022. It was necessary to work for 1-2 more weeks to get the mainnet ready, but on February 24, our frontend developer abruptly quit, so we were caught off-guard and the process took a long time, as can be expected. Thereupon, we opened a new job posting and started working with a new frontend developer on March 7, 2022. It took 1 week for the new developer to get used to the system, and while I started to focus on the missing features in the second week, I decided not to continue working with the VoldemArt team for the reasons I will explain below.

Why I decided to left VoldemArt

I observed for a long time and after a point I decided that I could not continue the business with this team in the long run, I stated that I wanted to leave on March 9 when things were not too big.

  • Since Mad and Goliath did not have the slightest knowledge of the software development processes and constantly created discussions with me in a way that would unnecessarily disrupt the work and demotivate the team.

  • Although I was dealing with the developers throughout the process, they belittled and exploited developers’ efforts and I never approved of this, so we had long discussions. As a result of these actions, they did not pay the salary of the last developer, who worked for 2 weeks until I decided to leave the VoldemArt team, despite my insistence. I was embarrassed to the developer for 1 month and finally paid her salary out of my personal budget.

  • To pay the developer’s salary, they implicitly blackmailed me with the “publish the mainnet and then we’ll see” approach and acted against their business ethics. Developer salary is not related to the progress of the product, if you get work done you have to pay for it, the result is not the developer’s business, but the team that runs the project.

  • At the end of this process, after my decision to leave, they said that I had to publish the mainnet to give my exit share, I published it even though I didn’t want it (I’ve explained this in details in the claims section below) and still they haven’t paid my exit share.They took their share even though they didn’t give me my share . As a result, I gave up taking my share and opened a transaction for its transfer to Harmony, you can see at the end of the article.

  • When we faced a negative situation as a result of the decisions taken regarding the project, even though we made the decisions together, they put all the responsibility on me and blamed me.

  • They were in such a hurry with all the projects and yet they didn’t make any rational effort. Even though we were a team, I didn’t like their boss-like behavior.

  • Instead of supporting the project in areas where there were problems, they always made negative comments and did not take responsibility in a way that would disrupt the team spirit.

Chat with the developer


I’ll refer this section. You can confirm the dates with my contribution chart.

  • 21 September 2021 - Proposal Approved

  • 21 December 2021 - Testnet Milestone Approved (I designed full of the system and quit my job end of the november, frontend, backend and smart contract handled just by me)

  • 01 - 17 January 2022 - Reviewed more than 200 job apply, Interviews made, System Designed for Development

  • 17 January 2022 - Hired Frontend Developer and started to work

  • 24 February 2022 - Frontend Developer Quit (About 5 weeks, a full system developed from zero point)

Their claims about me

I realized that they were tweeting about me on the VoldemArt Twitter channel, thanks to @frwrdslosh 's telegram messages to me. I must say I had a lot of fun reading these tweets.

Let’s start with the first tweet, it’s a big fashion these days to blame the developer and not take any responsibility. What a shame…

First of all, there isn’t any marketplace currently started by me and I have not cloned anything. I doubt they know what cloning means, and they’re talking about the project Yuugen. We’ve published Yuugen proposal after I decided to left VoldemArt and Berliner nickname is mine on Yuugen. The reason why I don’t use 0xshadow which is the my nickname from VoldemArt is because they said that they will continue the VoldemArt project and I don’t want to establish a relationship because of this.

I also shared the job postings I opened for this proposal on my own LinkedIn profile. It is admirable that they present themselves as a detective, anyone who enters my LinkedIn profile can see the job posting, there is no situation that I hide.

As for the cloning claim, if you examine the proposal, most features already contain features that are available in a normal marketplace. Is there any published design, code or something to blame me as cloning? After this proposal was published on March 18, the VoldemArt mainnet went live on March 29. I am the guy who published VoldemArt mainnet also at this date. If I had tried to block VoldemArt by cloning the improvements I’ve made so far, I would have not released the VoldemArt mainnet and submitted a grant application with a demo when no one had seen the newer version.

By the way, even though VoldemArt is a project that I developed, they accused me of stealing my own project even though we respect them and we were going to develop it from scratch in Yuugen. I may be one of the rare people in the community accused of stealing my own project. If I cloned and published the same version of VoldemArt when VoldemArt is live, yeah that would be cloning but I haven’t published anything but somehow these guys accuse me of stealing project.

I have been extremely developing a NFT marketplace for 5 months and of course it is so natural for me to develop a new NFT marketplace because I know the development process and loves it.

Let’s continue with the second tweet,

Due to the reasons I mentioned in the part I left VoldemArt, I didn’t have a healthy communication at the beginning of March and focused on my own projects. Therefore, together with the 3 governors I am close to, we interviewed a few DAO ideas from our region and I did not report this to the other governors. Petori DAO is one of these DAOs and I stated that we will support it in accordance with the Turkey DAO mission. It would be a better move for them to come and support instead of taking an accusatory approach while I work for the regional DAO, but they did not surprise me. DAO OPS committee will make the final decision on this matter with fairness, and I will continue to support the works coming out of our region whether I am part of a team or not. I would like to remind you that KYC is one of the conditions of receiving a grant, and at this point it can be seen who is behind the project.

Third tweet,

This was probably most enjoyable part.

Developing an NFT marketplace is not an easy task and I mentioned milestones above. I have done my part more than enough within these milestones and completed the work in a short period of time. They did nothing but tense the atmosphere by saying that the development time took longer than I stated, but that’s not what it means to be a team. His speech by saying “I” shows the importance he gives to team spirit, and I congratulate him with this ego. We were 3 people and he claims he was making the decisions :slight_smile:

I said I was leaving the team on March 9 and suggested that we can share our shares and end the partnership without releasing the mainnet, because it was not sufficiently tested and I stated that this could lead to grievances, and because of this users may lose money. They insisted to release the mainnet, and as a result, I said we can do it, but added “These are the systems that need to be constantly monitored and needs to be maintaned, I’m completely out in two weeks, so if you’re going to continue, you need to find new developers, I’ll explain the system to them, let them do the mainnet release”.

They said “If you post the requirements, we will find a developer”, so I sent the requirements on March 17th.

It’s been a month today and they haven’t found a developer to take over the job, which shows their desire to keep the project going solid and reliably. Think of a project, the team member responsible for all software development processes quits, they insist that we publish the platform that has not been sufficiently tested before a critical stage, such as the mainnet, and now a mainnet comes out of the team that does not contain developers. On top of that, they claims they are “thinking” of the community.

A man who said that the mainnet should be published even with critical bugs and without a single developer, “postponed the token project(!) so that the community would not lose money”. That’s the shortest joke in the world!

We hired a blockchain developer before I left, and he’s my close friend from college. After my friend worked for two days, I decided to quit and therefore the token project was also cancelled. I was the guy who did the technical research for the token project and brought in a blockchain developer, and as a result, I was the person who decided not to continue, but he was the one who delayed the project. This person is also constantly asked me when the token launch is coming.

I stated that the audit amount required for the token business is high and that developing systems to integrate the token is above our level of competence at the moment, if we have more budget in the future and gain more serious experience as a team, we will be able to issue the token then, otherwise it will cause outrage. They wanted to issue the token launch much earlier but I did not do it. Instead of focusing on systems and software and producing good projects, they were trying to do business just to say we did it. This is not a good approach.

Fourth Tweet,

These guys who exploit people’s efforts and makes money from it, who does not even pay the salary of the last developer they worked and the share of their teammate definitely needs to leave the community. I can say that it is the only sensible sentence he wrote in this flood. The Harmony community needs developers who produce real projects here, not those who manipulate people’s thoughts and steal their labors with empty words.

Final Round

From this moment on, VoldemArt is a project that will not continue and I will not share a single line of my work with these people. The ecosystem needs new and powerful projects and with the experience I have gained, I will do better and never partner with such manipulative people again. I didn’t cause anyone to lose money, and that’s why I have a peace of mind. Although I have been dealing with every detail individually since December, such ungrateful people unfortunately do not hesitate to defame people’s efforts with a few tweets. They think that they can go on their way and get community support by covering up their incompetence as if nothing has happened.

  • They undeservedly approved their share to their personal accounts and disapproved mine. As a result of their actions, I started the process to transfer my shares to Harmony. I need their approval for the process in the safe.

    Also, If they are sincere in their thoughts about the community, they can return their last funds to the safe and open a transfer back to the Harmony. If they do such a move, I will approve it. As a result, they should return the money for a discontinued project to Harmony to use on ongoing projects.

My transaction for the return of my share to Harmony

To this address: 0xED1229b9931c5396975Ed22aAe78117E06BdeED6 - Harmony funds received from that address - @lij


  • We are leaving Harmony Turkey DAO as 4 governors including myself. We demand that all funds be returned to Harmony, all expenses were paid, some funds were transferred for VoldemArt development, but we do not think and trust that new Harmony projects will be funded with this money.

    Also, the amount of 60856 ONE in the Turkey DAO safe is the VoldemArt mainnet grant, I don’t know if they did it on purpose, but they gave the Turkey DAO safe address as the safe address. This part, along with all the remaining ones, should definitely be returned to Harmony .

    To this address: 0xED1229b9931c5396975Ed22aAe78117E06BdeED6 - Harmony funds received from that address

I think the money in the vaults should be returned to Harmony as the projects will not continue, do you agree?

  • Yes, the funds needs to be returned to the Harmony
  • No

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I wouldn’t want to expose the forum to such a discussion, but I have answered the accusations made against me, if you have any questions, please reply to this message.

Those who accuse me of stealing my project while I haven’t used anything related to VoldemArt and - as I stated in the claims section - haven’t published anything in the Yuugen proposal, will not be able to claim any rights on the code I have developed after this time.

We promise to bring a quality marketplace under the name Yuugen by improving the codebase I have developed at VoldemArt and by putting new and reliable features on the platform.

I’m kindly requesting the Harmony team to re-evaluate Yuugen. I love the Harmony ecosystem and I believe there should be many projects on the platform that will unlock the potential of Harmony. Even if Yuugen is not re-evaluated, I will continue to add value to this community with new projects as someone who has been developing in the Harmony ecosystem for months. @giv @Jacksteroo

Do you want me to develop a NFT Marketplace in Harmony that is more featured and reliable than VoldemArt under the name Yuugen with my team?

  • Yes, it would be awesome!
  • No, we don’t need that.

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Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts with me!


I was the first frontend developer at VoldemArt before I got a huge opportunity for my career, which I took and left the project. I worked with them for 6 weeks (by them, I only worked with 0xShadow which was a pleasure) and I can confirm what 0xShadow says here. Let me briefly walk you through the process of development.

I got hired with another frontend developer, which quit on day 1 because of a lack of skills. After that, another frontend developer worked for 3 days and didn’t do well, so the only developers were me and 0xShadow. We have developed the marketplace by 70-80% before I left. Let me remind you here that the other stakeholders (Mad and Goliath) were not involved in any kind of development (or process may I say?). They just discussed the features in the weekly meetings and that’s it.

Now I have never seen a bad attitude from the stakeholders. They were kind and caring towards me, even when I was quitting. They never skipped a payment, it was always in time. But I was seeing the tension between 0xShadow and them, even though he also is a stakeholder. I contacted 0xShadow after I left and he told me the things he said here, way before this thread was created.

Another thing I can tell about stakeholders is that they were rushing the project. Before I left we had a few implementations and a lot of tests to do but as they don’t know the process, they were giving short deadlines like 1 week. After some time has passed since I quit, 0xShadow offered me a one-day gig to launch the mainnet as I knew the codebase, which I was busy that day and couldn’t help. I also confirm here that though he quit, he launched the mainnet for them.

Now to talk about the stealing, I don’t see any stealing here even if he copied the whole codebase. The ideas/features are pretty much on every NFT marketplace nowadays. I’m pretty sure he didn’t copy a single line of code but even if he did, the code was only written by me and 0xShadow which makes him steal his own code :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to clear some air for him as I worked with him for quite some time and I wouldn’t want to see him in such a bad place with empty accusations.


I worked with this company as a frontend developer for about two weeks, and during that time I enjoyed how 0xShadow was professional and on time, how conscientiously he was doing things.
during this time I was witness to how much pressure was on him as he was responsible for all technical processes himself without any help.
0xShadow informed me that there is an atmosphere created in the company that makes working impossible.
I was not personally contacted by any other people in the company and no explanation was provided by them about this situation. The only person who was persistent and followed up about my salary and everything was him, and finally, when they announced that I would not be paid, he insisted to pay on his own behalf budget, which shows how much he cares about team members and appreciate their effort.