200M ONE staked - Reward Disposition Submissions

Marketing for better name recognition

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Of all hills to die on, I’m not sure this is the one bro. The staking program is good for many reasons. It’s not too dissimilar from the furlough program during covid here in the UK or stimulus checks in America.


It’s dissimilar because furlough and stimulation checks didn’t have forced conditions that keep validators poor when the price is low

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Event Award with several categories:

  • The Most Innovative DAOs
  • The Best of NFT Marketplace
  • The Best Gamefi
  • The Best Artist PFP
  • Man of the Year 2021
    Etc :grin:
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We would not need roger ver his coin within our ecosystem. hard pass on that asset

Forcing 5% commission whilst giving many small and unelected validators 2-3x their current stake is hardly forcing them into poverty imo.

You realise you had 3 weeks or so to complain about the structure of the imbursement program on the other forum page.


Once repegged and/or back compensation occurs, for over a year I have heard people complain about the Explorer and asking for Etherscan. Why not get that happening?

Also… I see a few ways to go. Use the ONE to build community utilities (such as Etherscan), maybe some sort of community parachute for good projects that are struggling. Or keep this bag in the validators only realm and use it all to support validators and everything attached to them like:

Node installation and setup is a mess. Build some proper .deb packages, streamline setup, integrate the node processes properly into the operating system “The Debian Way”. Adhere to the Debian security and development guidelines and make changes accordingly for package creation to be accepted into Debian “Stable” distribution. This means going through “Unstable”, collecting and fixing bugs, going into “Testing” and probably maintaining it there for almost a year, and then maintaining the packages once they reach the “Stable” distribution. Doing it the right way takes man hours.


I feel like anything done has to first go to stabilizing the ecosystem by repegging all assets, in some way shape or form. Maybe those ONE go towards buying back unpegged assests.

Once that is resolved, I think 50% should continue to go towards validators to continue to support the validator community. The other 50% should go to assisting projects being built on Harmony. Maybe these get voted on quarterly by the community?

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Time to hash this out and take it to a vote somehow. Even though Validators still can’t vote securely. 200 million ONE brings in a lot of rewards. The community still has figured out what’s going on with them.


That is so simple right now.

Help the people who has been damaged due to the bridge hack. Then support the projects which are really building on Harmony.


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But to be honest I doubt something will happen with that rewards if it’s under control of 1 person. @StrongMindsHold do you know who is responsible for that wallet?

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@lij is the core team menber I communicated with about the 200M.

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Can we use it to rescue the victims of aave locked funds?

Do you wish to comment @lij ? We’d certainly like to hear what’s going on. Please and thank you.


He is not going to reply.


What does the community think about using this to help clear bad debt from Tranquil at a 10% parody? It might be enough to clear it all.

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Without knowing all the details, I’d say it’s worth trying to keep tranquil on Harmony.

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Would that be enough for them to stay? Or is their mind already made up to leave regardless?

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Someone from Harmony started recently writing there, on AAVE forum. Since then I think there is no more progress at all.

I guess most of the folks deleted their Harmony tokens from the portfolio trackers and moved on into new opportunities in coming years.