AAVE Recovery Ideas

I’m a believer that talk is cheap and if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. It seems that AAVE / ONE is not getting any attention. I am looking for community to collectively come up with a proposal to assist with the locked assets on AAVE.


I agree with you. I represent the Vietnam Harmony community in support of this proposal because so many people cannot withdraw on AAVE but they not have information for resolve from Harmony team

The big issue that Harmony Team is not able to speak and go for negotiations, the Idea of a deposit would be a good solution and when the recovery is a success this should be able to liquidate the rest and get out the deposit.

Checking the Tokenomics I wonder where those 24,825,000 ONE per Month for Ecosystem/Operator go to. Also we would have the 200m stake program where 5,356,868 ONE in rewards are around and the second Harmony Wallet with 6,779,660 ONE in rewards laying around. But looks like they don’t wanna provide anything…

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Lets join the other forum and post our ideas…

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Ideas will be ideas if there is no liquidity behind. I would say the person who brought AAVE to Harmony and provided liquidity for the incentive program need to talk! @lij and also the person who said they will take care that this issue is included in the recovery program @Pioneer

The idea of the deposit would be the best but looks like no interest from Harmony to solve this at all and only to expect that AAVE is paying is stupid special since we now saw that Harmony didn’t informed aave in time about the hack.

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I’ve already given you and the AAVE community my best input. I’ve also linked where that should be handled above, which is in the form of an AAVE community-approved vote to propose solution in an official capacity. Thus far the Harmony team is aware of any informal proposals and have not provided funding towards them. R1 worked with the Harmony community for months prior to coming to the first funding round.

I suggest the AAVE community use their representatives and DAO to create an official proposal and take it to vote. I don’t see any other way to move things forward.

I agree that a solution must be found for ONE holders stuck on AAVE. @Harmony, stop ignoring this issue! If you trust your recovery plan and the repeg, you would deposit liquidities on AAVE without hesitation to help your users!

Hoping for a solution, because it’s negligence on the part of Harmony in my mind. Can’t trust the founders, so hopefully the community keeps this thing alive. I’ll be shocked if the founders make it to the next bull market, if they even want to.

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