Bitkeep Wallet - Integration of Harmony Ecosystem in Bitkeep Multi-Chain Wallet

Name of Project

[Bitkeep Wallet]

Proposal overview

[ One of the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallet, combines Wallet, BitSwap, BkBridge, DeFi, Dapp, IWO, NFT together, aiming to become the largest entry to decentralized world.
BitKeep have the largest community in Asia and Southeast Asia. BitKeep have 4,800,000+ Registered users, 45,000+ Tokens in assets, 37+ Public Chains integrated, 8,000+ Dapps, supporting 6 Languages while covering 200+ Countries.

Platforms live: Android, IOS, Chrome Web Extension.

Total Users= 4.8 Million
Daily Active Users= 100K+
Monthly active users= 1 Million+

Support that Bitkeep will provide to Harmony
1- Main-Chain integration and native tokens support.
2- Harmony Bridge Support in BKbridge
3- Dapp ecology and NFT support.
4- Mutual Marketing and IWO offering of projects endorsed by Harmony Officialy.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

[100% Success, 50-100K weekly active users/tx]

External links

[ Website:
linktree: @BitKeep | Linktree

Thanks for the proposal @SamBitkeep and happy to see Bitkeep has interest in working with Harmony. It would be great if staking ONE was supported by the wallet. Are there plans to support staking as part of this proposal?

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Our Web Staking Dashboard is live for BKB now and we will be able to integrate multiple Chains down the road across all platforms. Our decentralized staking, auto investing dashboard is currently being developed and will go live Q2 2022 . Once Harmony is integrated we will be able to support staking and auto invest for ONE and native chain tokens across web3, android and IOS.

Thanks for the reply @SamBitkeep; this sounds exciting and promising.

Approved for a Port grant of $50K.
Congratulations to the team and welcome to the Harmony Ecosystem! :tada:

Looking forward to the initiative to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet over an estimated 4-8 weeks timeframe.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

@dpagan-harmony I am Glad to announce that Bitkeep has officially integrated Harmony now and the app is out for testing on both android and IOS. I am dropping the link for both here for community to test it out.

Test Flight : Join the BitKeep Wallet beta - TestFlight - Apple

Integration Completed and LIVE on MAINNET

@dpagan-harmony @giv @Jacksteroo am glad to inform you that we have completed the integrations successfully and is live in both android and IOS.
Waiting for your kind response to kick in mutual announcement and marketing activities

Grant payment address:

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Thanks @SamBitkeep for the quick chat a couple days ago on Telegram and for filling out the form. I’ll check out the implementation and then add BitKeep to our list of supported wallets. Thanks again and I’ll follow up shortly!

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Thanks again and confirmed. Approving fund distributions for this integration. We’ll follow up in chat about the announcement.

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funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Hi @SamBitkeep,

Curious see the change in Active Users on month-over-month as well as how the staking and auto investing is going for ONE.

Wallet is very clean.


Hello @cheualx we are designing and activity specifically for Harmony ecology to boost active our cooperation. I will be putting putting out a proposal in couple of weeks.

Regrading staking our dashboard will be integrated in Q3 and well include one in it.

I would like to know if you can recommend us
1- Top Swap protocol on Harmony to be integrated on Bkswap

2- Introduce ecology projects to us for listing in Dapp, NFT market and Token listing as well as conduct co marketing.

3- list Bitkeep Wallet in Harmony ecosystem.