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[I have an experiencein the crypto space for the past 2015. I am once a community managers at Rebaked, Among the pioneers of Amara finance Africa, Gemyfi Africa, and once an ambassador in a number of preputable projects including openocean global, Rebaked , libra angels, invarch network, farswap ambassador, equilibrium, nepri, genshurio among others.
I am well experienced in management, engaging and moderating community on different crypto related social media, I am a key team player and can work alone and in team as well as excellent ability to multitask and facilitate growth and traction a project deserves. I I am passionate and enthusiast of HARMONY and IT products as well as its Growth and continuous traction.
I feel enthusiastic to put effort and hard-work as well as skills appropriate and render my contribution to the cause of it’s growth in my region and the world at large.
I Am requesting for a role to play in the Community management/moderator team of HARMONY community or it’s regional community.


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Having difficulty navigating to the appropriate page to apply, can you guide me on that?

Looks like you have some great experience. There are few regional DAOs you may want to look into and contact to see if they are currently recruiting ambassadors to help with onboarding. I would also recommend applying for the community DAO next election.


Sure felt gratified with your response,
Will also be glad if you may guide me more on the available regional DAOs :wink:
Thank you sir

Welcome, @adamlawalbkr1! I am happy to see you getting involved with the Harmony ecosystem. There are currently 3 tracks for you to consider:

  1. Connecting with the DAOs in our ecosystem

We are working with various DAOs to post links to their open positions that you can apply for:

You can also reach out to DAOs directly on our forums (many potential DAOs to get involved with)

  1. The Ambassador DAO is looking for additional ambassadors to assist with their efforts. You can apply here:
  1. We are currently drafting the proposal for BasicDAO, which will host our growing team of contributors. This is where we intend on scaling to 1000 asynchronous contributors. Keep an eye on our forum for the proposal. Once launched, BasicDAO will look to scale their operations quickly. We aim to have the launch in the beginning of Q2.

Sending you my best, and don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!


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Thanks you for this information, and as well helpful response, I will be glad if you share a link to the proposal post, so I closely follow up. Thanks

The proposal for BasicDAO should be up and running within the next 1-2 weeks

Good thank you
I will closely watch