Continuum: zk-background checker

Proposal Overview

Continuum is a background checker powered with zero-knowledge proof.

A traditional background check has the difficulty in proving your pseudonymous identity. It can’t be done without revealing real identity. On the other hand, companies do not require all of your personal data. All they need to know is that you match their criteria.

We can minimize how much pseudonyms expose their identity using zero-knowledge proof.
Companies requests candidates to take a third-party background check. Then, candidates can selectively share their data in a way company can’t identify them. The company confirms the validity of the data through Zero-knowledge proof.

Application Type


Use Case

This application can be used by companies who need to verify pseudonymous users. Examples can be

  • Hiring talents
  • Accepting account creation for Defi(CEXs, marketplaces) services

When users successfully verify their background, they will control which data to expose. They can mint an NFT that proves their partial personal data has been verified.

Competitive Landscape

There are some services that try to provide privacy against on-chain credentials. One of them is . Continuum solely focuses on off-chain(web2) credential for the background check.

Proposal Ask

Continuum will be established to be community-driven and self-funded by its DAO.
Continuum is still a proof of concept product using Github account. In order to work as an actual background checker, we need to integrate with a third-party KYC tool like Stripe Identity or any other services that prove users’ authenticity.

To get this up and running, we will be requesting the $15k/year stable basic income to take care of initial development, welfare, and operation costs.

This ask will be in line with the laid down milestones as detailed below:

  1. launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
  2. forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig
  3. launching on mainnet with audit
  4. attracting 1k daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
  5. attracting 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Road Map

Objective Date Status
Testnet Launch 25 April 2022 Done
Beta Testing and Fixes 5 May 2022 Done
Mainnet Launch 5 May 2022 Done
Supporting 3rd party KYC tools 31 July 2022 Pending
Smart Contract Audit 15 August 2022 Pending
Improvements and Fixes Post Audit 30 August 2022 Pending

External Links

Project repo: Continuum · GitHub
Frontend on Testnet:
Frontend on Mainnet:
Deck: Continuum: Background Checker with Zero-Knowledge Proof - Speaker Deck
Demo video on YouTube: ZKU final project: continuum, Zero-Knowledge Proof background checker - YouTube


Great to see Continuum is finally applying for the launch grant! Strong yes from me as a zkDAO governor, also confirming that the first milestone has been reached.

Look forward to integration with third party KYC tool!


Yes from me as a zkDAO governor. 1st milestone confirmed.

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Perfect application for zero-knowledge proofs. The app works flawlessly as well.
Approved and strong yes as governor of zkdao.

This is a strong yes from me as a zkDAO governor. Well done. Also confirming that milestone 1 has been completed