Core team leadership needs to change

There have been reports that the Core team has devolved into a complete Authoritarian state where open discussion is shut down and only @stse @lij has a say in what is even considered for moving forward as a blockchain; if we are to survive as a network, the manner in which decisions are made and what is considered needs to be a collaborative and open process, which it has not been in any way.

This is not what anyone signed up for, I would echo the requests of others from the post here:

and would say that rather than asking anyone to step down, leadership and decision making needs immediate restructuring to avoid the major authoritative problems which it is causing.

BUT as stated, If someone is failing in their role as a leader and there’s no structures in place to stop them from continuing to fail us, we all suffer.

Blockchain technology is about decentralization of authority and what is happening currently is a complete failure to actualize upon the dream which everyone in this community is here for.

So I am calling for a vote to begin a process of reworking how our core team makes decisions and accepts feedback; because honestly they are failing us.

  • Core Team Leadership should be reworked to REQUIRE open discussion.
  • Core Team Leadership should remain authoritative.

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It might also be time for a quadratic snapshot proposal, 2 weeks in duration, 3 choices (yes, no, abstain)


You guys seriously believe Stephen Tse gives a damn about a poll or vote?
You want Stephen Tse out? Then every single Harmony Core team member needs to boycott.

Core team members need to be the one’s to lead and take charge for what they believe in.

Stephen and Li can only take control and be a dictator over people who LET THEM be a dictator.

I respect what you are all trying to do but you are doing it because you believe in what Stephen has said in the past. Harmony wants to be ‘decentralized’

That was all a LIE!

No poll, no email, etc. is going to make that man step down.
@giv @Sam @Jacksteroo @rongjian

You are the one’s who should be leading the pack!
What do you have to lose by standing up anyways? The chain will be a ghost town in less than 5 months at this pace?

If you truly believe you have what it takes to land a job elsewhere. Then stand up for what is right and do something about it! If nothing changes, go to another job! Start from scratch and we will follow you.

Simple as that.



I am not asking anyone to step down.

LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO CHANGE, meaning how things are decided upon or what plans are given serious consideration.

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So you want change but no one step down?
So you are ok with Li and Stephen still on the core team?
Doesn’t make logical sense.

This is a business. You have to get rid of the problem. Not shuffle people around!
This should have been done as soon as Blue Apes popped up on the screen.

No disrespect at all Edd. I think you are doing the best you can with what you have to work with.

Besides Harmony core team members standing together threatening to quit. I don’t see either of them changing positions.

I hope you do make it happen. The community will be better off no doubt!


IMO, the problem isn’t that @stse and @lij exist on the core team, they’re experts in their field, it’s that they run the core team poorly.

They can be effective and useful elsewhere, just without the position of authority they abuse.

Time will tell

It might also be time to change milestones with a speed of 10000 changes per minute.

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Really? How so?

Li isn’t technical and clearly can’t do bizdev or ops.

Tse never commits to github and the RPC has been broken for 2 years.

Tell me again what these guys are “experts” at?

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As I said, that’s my opinion; they started/ran a blockchain and figured out how to hire the right people to build it and make it happen; and in doing so have had to become informed in the field of blockchain.

If you want to try to get them to step down, live your dream, but in my opinion that isn’t viable.
They helped create this network and are in a position of authority with how it’s operated currently, that needs to change.

Asking them to step down didn’t work, I can see a way that they can stay on the team in some way but the network/community needs to be able to respond to the fact that their leadership has become a problem for the network’s viability.

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@stse you need to spend more time to dismiss all FUD about you . Unless they are true .

Do some self reflection how did your reputation turn out this way if you are able .

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isn’t it lead by example? what you’re good at(and love to do) and hire people for the other stuff

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Project is almost dead, I don’t think harmony has future! As a long term holder I’m exiting from Harmony. But I hope they listen community


All @stse @lij is one more screwed up away , and H1 is done . Threading on thin lines

Ed, I do not know in which world you are living. But a chnage in leadership only happens if he steps down and will be replaced. If you expect a change from existing leaders, who havent seen such a change themselves yet, keep on dreaming. It is like a basket of apples where one apple is foul. You can talk to that apple but he wont change. You have to replace that apple that the others wont get foul too. Swiftly, quickly and permanently. If those two fellows think ONE is there baby only and they can decide, they must be proved wrong. NOW, not in the future. Trust is gone.

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Regarding core team, or just anyone from the team. What would you recommend me to achieve one objective - Harmony Team answering 2 simple questions on the forum?