Harmony + AAVE

I have two questions for the Harmony Team.
My questions are:

  1. I would like to know if Harmony Team can confirm that they are aware that some users have all their assets frozen and locked in the AAVE protocol?

  2. I’d like to know if there is any form of the dialogue (two way communication) with AAVE team to resolve the problem?

Please, can you respond to the questions with precise answers?

Thank you.


Bump. AAVE is negatively impacted harmony at this point, please update us with this aswell.


People took benefit from Aave and put their unpeged Stables to borrow ONE same as on Tranq. So those positions needs to be repaid or liquidated


I’m really hoping to get answers to my 2 questions from the Harmony Team member.


Good luck on this :sweat_smile: I would suggest to go to the Aave talk, but the most critical issue are those people who played black friday after the hack and used every hole

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Do you expect this to be ignored?

yes, I expect this to be ignored. I’m not even sure how many mods there are.


This would be very bad for me.

Yes please, any update from the harmony team?

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I’d like to tag some people here, but not sure whom since I’m new.

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Still no reply from Harmony.
However I have found small reference in the reimbursement proposal that says “Aave in ONE”.
Still - the question stands - is the Team aware that assets are locked / frozen?

@Jacksteroo - I was told that you are the person who is in a good position to answer my questions. Could you please be so kind?

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I think you were right :frowning:

Hey @UnArge4,
I’m in a similar situation as you, check this:

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I’m sorry about your situation. I’m not having too much hope but I wish you all the best :+1:

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Proposal says that it involved “Community Leaders” - maybe one of them could engage here? If you know any Community Leaders, please mention them here. Thanks

Hi again,

They are in talks and aware of the issue, the entire proposal is centered around dealing with unbacked assets in an attempt to restore Defi over time.


With selling the Apes and lands we could probably fix Aave and Tranq, but it’s an deeper issue. Nearly 30% of the borrows have been done after the hack so as earlier explained some people took the chance and take a loan they will probably never pay back to liquidate is the only option.

My concern is that the new rONE will not include people with Aave issue, I can not redeem so I can not “stake”, I get no rONE and will not covered.


Thank you for flagging this up @ben2k_Stakeridoo
Since AAVE is frozen, I think there should be reconciliation done to assess what is the shortage per wallet.

I’m not an expert and I don’t have ready solution. But I expect everyone to collaborate and contribute to find one.

This is not the first time in DeFi that this is happening. Depegging of UST has an impact on many lending protocols, including other chains.

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