Decommissioning a validator question

There is just one comment in the docs that says something along the lines “if you want to stop participating” just edit the validator’s active=false and that will make the validator ineligible for election.

I have set the active flag to false on my validator.

Does that mean it will automatically send back my personal stake? There are no delegations on my validator currently, just my personal staked amount (10000 One). Does this mean the self-stake will be put back into my address after 7 epochs similar to delegators?

I couldn’t find any specific documentation that mentions how the personal staked amount is returned that I could find. I will wait the 7 epochs, as I don’t have a choice, but I am a bit nervous as the documentation is not very clear on how you get your personal stake back.

Any confirmation would be appreciated!


Sine i presume your validator was never elected, you dont need to wait 7 epochs. You can set it to active=false and then simply use undelegate command to get your funds back. Note that you might need to type in a bit less than 10k (to cover gas fee).

Aha thank you, i did not realize the undelgate command was for my personal stake to decommission the validator. Let me give it a try!