Funding for Support of Creative DAO Launch

Below find the hours and detailed report of assistance provided

  1. @ben2k_Stakeridoo - 6.25 hours = 481.25 - 1769.301 ONE
  2. @StrongMindsHold - 2 hours even = 150 USD - 551.470 ONE
  3. Myself - 7.6 hours = 568.65 USD - 2090.625 ONE

Detailed hours can be found here Excel

Our wallets can be found associated with Community DAO post regarding payroll for October

We put this together to request funding for support of launching @HarmonyCreativeDAO , @Jacksteroo @lij @Sam


Couldn’t have done it without you guys, seriously a BIG TIME thank you to all.


Looking for direction on whether to request funding from @HarmonyCommunityDAO or from the foundation @giv

Also would like to see support and funding for @HarmonyCreativeDAO Request

You can request funding from the foundation as per the guidelines.

@frwrdslosh just wanted to check back in with you, i see the Creative DAO was funded, shall we push this through @HarmonyCommunityDAO or to @HarmonyCreativeDAO for payment?

I wanna thank you for the shoes you put on @frwrdslosh , I feel this is gonna be a great role for you, who else would be better to connect members and the organization :blue_heart:

P.S No pressure on this request its been long enough :laughing:


If the CrDAO brought the dream team in to help with the election procedures, then I, personally, think it’s fair to be paid out by the CreativeDAO Treasury.


Funded by @HarmonyCreativeDAO tx’s incoming

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For transparancy you can find the information for the paid transactions here.